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Porodowy Biznes / The Business of Being Born (2008)


What's Birth? It's a miracle. A rite of passage. A natural part of life.

But more than anything, birth is a business. Compelled to find answers after a disappointing birth experience with her first child, actress Ricki Lake recruits filmmaker Abby Epstein to explore the maternity care system in America.

Should most births should be viewed as a natural life process, or should every delivery be treated as a potential medical emergency? It is pretty freaky seeing videos of women in the 1920’s and 1930’s in labor. They would tie them down to the bed and give them conscious sedation and basically just leave them in a room locked up by themselves until they gave birth. So we have obviously come a very long way, but the film questions whether we have taken it to another extreme.

These days women are scheduling voluntary C-sections because they are scared to give birth, scared of the pain, or just want to plan a convenient birth date. Posh Spice is credited with “glamorizing” this trend which has been labeled “Too Posh to Push.” It’s women like her who make women who actually medically need a c-section have to defend themselves, which is too bad.

The main theme of the movie is that maybe doctors shouldn’t be delivering babies. In the majority of other developed countries women do not utilize the services of doctors, but rather see a midwife if their pregnancy is considered normal and uncomplicated.

Seeing the movie really open eyes up about midwives and gave me a new perspective on them. Maybe one has kind of viewed midwives as hippy/granola chicks, but these women really are trained medical professionals. They all have significant training, and are equipped with the necessary supplies and equipment to handle emergencies.

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