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VerseQ Typing Tutor


VerseQ typing tutor is a new step in touch type learning technology. VerseQ applies in-depth feedback approach and integral learning of keyboard layout. With VerseQ you can touch-type today, literally in an hour. And in a week or two, with 10 to 30 minutes of studies once or twice per day in your free time you will type like a touch-typing course graduate. And all of this - without mental fatigue, in your spare time.


The secret of unique efficiency of VerseQ is actually a host of new technologies and approaches:

  • Your studies start with all letters straight off - but at speed comfortable for you. This ensures:
    • Not just button-pressing techniques, but also the second important skill, finger movement;
    • Continuous progress of your skill;
    • No place for threshold phenomenon in your studies! You'll be able to touch-type literally in an hour or two;
    • Regular practice for all fingers;
  • The program helps you learn "the chords" of your language.
  • The program teaches you in a subtle way, gently working with you on your personal mistakes.
  • Differential approach to time invested in study of symbols occurring in the text with different frequency.
  • You don't have to memorize or drill anything into your head, you can relax, let your thoughts drift away - it's all in your fingers. Yes, that's right, your fingers memorize everything on their own, without your direct participation.
  • There is no discomfort in your study whatsoever. And what is more, VerseQ helps you to relax.
  • But the most important feature of VerseQ is that it will teach anyone to touch-type! What you will never see in other keyboard tutor ads is that most people abandon their studies after about ten tedious hours of work without having learned eight buttons of the main row (ask those who tried it). Unlike these VerseQ will teach anyone, who invests in studies just a few hours. Check it for yourself now!

VerseQ brings a lot of surprises! In particular, you should be ready that principles used by VerseQ will greatly differ from your views on effective training. However, VerseQ teaches you 2 to 5 times faster as compared to standard keyboard tutors. This is no paradox. Actually, VerseQ is the first among keyboard tutors to use individual training paradigm, while standard tutors go on using the continuous process paradigm appropriate only for big classes. This is a complicated problem, which shall be discussed later in a series of articles written by VerseQ developers.

VerseQ is equally effective for:

  • Beginners and pros, who are willing to improve;
  • Easy-tempered and impulsive, creative people;
  • Children and adults.

[spoiler=3. Principles of work]


The principles of work are quite simple:

*The program generates a line and you copy it on your keyboard;
*VerseQ collects statistics on your personal mistakes in a subtle way;
*If you are willing to go on, VerseQ generates another line, which you shall also copy, with difference that this new line will contain your problem characters with more frequency. In that way you gradually prepare your fingers for effective keyboarding.

Here, the essence is in the reference lines generated by VerseQ. The line is a random, but phonetically coherent string of characters built using a semantic language model. At the same time a built-in algorithm varies probability of different symbols appearing in a line. This makes your problem characters appear more often and in this way eliminate your weak spots.

Semantic language model data are kept in a separate file, which was created (using a standalone program) by analyzing a large volume of textual information, i. e. tens of megabytes of pure text.[/spoiler]




7. Interface

In this version you can:

  1. Language of study. Advanced means an advanced course with capital letters and punctuation marks.
  2. Choosing skill level:
    • Nice and Easy - good for studying and warm-up.
    • Half and Halfer - speaks for itself :)
    • Hard and Deadly - ideal for polishing your skills.
  3. You can close the window by pressing Esc and exit the program anytime.

During your session you can:

  1. Instantly minimize the program to tray (where the clock is), using your left Ctrl or left Win. Click the icon to bring it back and you are ready to resume the session.
  2. View help page by pressing F1.
  3. Turn on/off the metronome by pressing F2. At the same time you can decrease/increase tempo by pressing PgUp/PgDn keys respectively.
  4. Press F3 to hide/show keyboard image.
  5. Press F4 to hide/show statistics.
  6. Press F5 to select a more appropriate view.
  7. Press F6 to change information on the info bar. Current 2008.07 version of VerseQ has two types of info: short help on shortcuts and statistical infomation on the current session (number of tasks completed, number of keys pressed, time spent on tasks, current time).
  8. Press Esc to exit the program when you feel like it.

In statistics window you can:

  1. Take a look at dynamics of your study for the current session and in total. On default this window opens in current/last session overview mode. Please note, if you open the statistics window with no lessons done, then you will see dynamics data for the previous session. You can use this feature to recall the previous session and get ready for the lesson.
  2. Select dynamics review mode (X-axis):
    1. Relating to number of buttons pressed (default). This is the most stable characteristic of typing. As a matter of fact it, perfectly defines the amount of work invested in study.
    2. Relating to net time of study. Displays success dynamics relating to net time of study in minutes.
    3. Relating to exact date/time. Displays success dynamics relating to exact date when the assignment was accomplished.
  3. Dynamics of your study can be represented on a logarithmic scale. This mode makes it possible to analyze segments of study. As a whole, learning process has a pattern of exponential saturation [1-exp(-t)]. However, dynamics of study is made up by several exponents with different representative values. Usually this is caused by change of learning strategy, etc. Logarithmic representation makes it possible to select such segments, turning exponents into linear sections with different incline.
  4. Hide/display actual value.
  5. Hide/display value trends. Exponential smoothing with parameter 0.2 was used in trend calculation.
  6. Press Esc to exit the program when you feel like it.


Important: Go to folder Manual. By clicking on index.htm you'll get htm help file. So you can print whatever you don't understand.


Russian version can be found here

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