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Neuro-Programmer v2.4 Pro


What is NP?

The Neuro-Programmer is a next generation self-help and mind management tool. Unlike most self-help tools and books you are used to, NP is designed as a dynamic, flexible solution. It is not an exaggeration  to say that NP can help solve nearly any mental problem, and even many physical problems as well.
How does NP work?

1) The Neurological: Brainwave entrainment
Using complex sound filters and modulations, as well as LED eyesets (if you purchased them), NP is able to effectively and precisely alter your brainwave patterns as you listen to sessions.
Brainwave patterns have a huge impact on our daily lives. There are very specific patterns which correlate to specific mental functions. For example, by looking at a person's brainwave pattern you can tell whether the person is tired, energetic, focused, day dreaming, depressed, confused, angry and more. People with ADD have very specific brainwave patterns. So do people with depression, anxiety and a number of  other common disorders. By changing and optimizing brainwave patterns, a huge range of problems can be dramatically reduced (or solved) and many other parts of your brain can be enhanced. For instance, memory, focus and mental speed can be greatly increased using brainwave stimulation. Sleep and advanced states of meditation can be induced. Headaches can be reduced. You can even stimulate the release of helpful chemicals such as Human Growth Hormone and Serotonin.
Brainwave Entrainment is not a new technology. It has been studied extensively for a little over 70 years. For more information on the science behind brainwave entrainment, click here.
2) The Psychological: Cognitive Linguistics, Visualization & Hypnosis
For problems that cannot be solved using brainwave entrainment alone, there are a number of proven, time-tested psychological techniques which can be used. Suggestion (Affirmations) and Visualization techniques can be used to overcome fears, quit smoking, lose weight, enhance your confidence, performance, motivation, and much more.
For example, Hypnosis is a well known psychological technique. Essentially, the job of the hypnotist is to first relax the subject, bringing his or her mind down to a receptive level (called the hypnagogic state). Once there, the hypnotist presents a series of "Suggestions". Suggestions are phrases or commands (such as "You are confident and assertive"). When your mind is in a receptive state, suggestions and other psychological techniques (such as visualization) can have a rapid and dramatic effect on your behavior and emotional response.
What NP does is it replaces the Hypnotist with a Session. The session uses powerful brainwave entrainment techniques to guide the user's brainwave patterns to a receptive point. When the user has reached the most absorbent possible state, NP presents suggestions or alerts the user to begin using visualization techniques. NP also includes hypnosis scripting capabilities, allowing you to be guided down not only by the sessions' powerful brainwave stimulation, but also by a professional hypnosis script.

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