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Scientific American 2009-03 - Was Einstein Wrong


Scientific American 2009-03 - Was Einstein Wrong

Table of content

Cover; March 2009; by Staff Editor; 1 Page(s)

Table of Contents; March 2009; by Staff Editor; 3 Page(s)

From the Editor - The Unromantic Killer; March 2009; by John Rennie; 1 Page(s)

Tuberculosis has never stopped being one of the world's most lethal infections

Letters; March 2009; by Staff Editor; 2 Page(s)

Geoengineering -- Brain Interface -- Stage Theories

50, 100 and 150 Years Ago; March 2009; by Daniel C. Schlenoff; 1 Page(s)

Observing Evolution -- Seagoing Safety -- Anti–Bad Luck

Updates; March 2009; by Philip Yam; 1 Page(s)

Shuttle Postmortem -- Umami Mechanism -- Microswimmers -- Drugs from Goats

Stick 'Em Up; March 2009; by Micheal Moyer; 2 Page(s)

Do economic recessions really lead to spikes in crime?

Taming the Madness of Crowds; March 2009; by Gary Stix; 1 Page(s)


Bug for a Bug for a Bug; March 2009; by Bianca Nogrady; 1 Page(s)

Life-shortening bacterium could beat mosquito-borne disease

Spring Forward or Not?; March 2009; by Charles Q. Choi; 2 Page(s)

Doubts on whether daylight saving time really conserves energy

Impossible Inferences; March 2009; by Graham P. Collins; 2 Page(s)

A mathematical theory of knowledge's limits takes shape

Grinding Out Graphene; March 2009; by Steven Ashley; 2 Page(s)

Mass production of carbon nanosheets for electronics inches closer

More Mysterious Methane; March 2009; by John Matson; 1 Page(s)

Localized burps add intrigue to the question of Martian life

Crawling to Oblivion; March 2009; by Michael Tennesen; 1 Page(s)

Invasive earthworms denude Great Lakes forests

News Scan Briefs; March 2009; by Charles Q. Choi, George Musser, John Matson, Larry Greenemeier, David Biello, Jordan Lite; 2 Page(s)

Silkworms: What the Astronauts Eat?; Galactic Chicken and Egg; Protein for Sight; Repulsive Fluctuations; Top 25 Software Errors; Cometary Wipeout of Mammals; Mountain Thin Air; Explaining the Aperture Illusion

SciAm Perspectives: Acceptable Risks for Arms Control; March 2009; by The Editors; 1 Page(s)

The U.S. should ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty as soon as possible

Sustainable Developments: The Need for Stable Policies; March 2009; by Jeffrey D. Sachs; 1 Page(s)

An exaggerated swing toward economic stimulus will only delay the return of sustainable prosperity

Skeptic: The Art of the Con; March 2009; by Michael Shermer; 1 Page(s)

How we can avoid falling prey to con men such as Bernard Madoff

Anti Gravity: Playing by Ear; March 2009; by Steve Mirsky; 2 Page(s)

Carrying a big stick may force friends to speak loudly

A Quantum Threat to Special Relativity; March 2009; by David Z Albert and Rivka Galchen; 8 Page(s)

Entanglement, like many quantum effects, violates some of our deepest intuitions about the world. It may also undermine Einstein’s special theory of relativity

The World's Smallest Radio; March 2009; by Ed Regis; 6 Page(s)

A single carbon nanotube can function as a radio that detects and plays songs

Saving New Brain Cells; March 2009; by Tracey J. Shors; 8 Page(s)

Fresh neurons arise in the adult brain every day. New research suggests that the cells ultimately help with learning complex tasks—and the more they are challenged, the more they flourish

The Power of Renewables; March 2009; by Matthew L. Wald; 6 Page(s)

The need to tackle global climate change and energy security makes developing alternatives to fossil fuels crucial.

New Tactics Against Tuberculosis; March 2009; by Clifton E. Barry III and Maija S. Cheung; 8 Page(s)

The pandemic is growing in many places, and strains resistant to all existing drugs are emerging. To fight back, biologists are applying a host of cutting-edge drug development strategies

Monitoring for Nuclear Explosions; March 2009; by Paul G. Richards and Won-Young Kim; 8 Page(s)

Detecting a test of a nuclear weapon has become so effective and reliable that no nation could expect to get away with secretly exploding a device having military significance

Insights: Escape from the Killing Fields; March 2009; by David Appell; 3 Page(s)

As the world warms up, some species cannot move to cooler climes in time to survive. Camille Parmesan thinks humans should help—even if it means creating invasive species

Reviews; March 2009; by Michelle Press; 2 Page(s)

Monks and Monkeys; You Are Not Your Brain; Miraculous Anticipation?

Ask the Experts; March 2009; by Christopher Potts, Steve Fetter; 1 Page(s)

How do spacecraft orient themselves in the absence of magnetic poles? Is there any truth to the system they use on Star Trek?; How long will global uranium deposits fuel the world’s nuclear reactors at present consumption rates?

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