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The Deceiver


Pride and Extreme Prejudice

Sam McCready gets a request meet with the high ranking Soviet general Pankratin, to collect a book containing crucial details of Soviet military plans. The meeting place is Eastern Germany, which McCready cannot enter, as he is well known and would face detention, interrogation and death without the slightest chance of a prisoner exchange. The only other person Pankratin might hand the book is the BND agent Bruno Morenz, now old and looking forward to retirement. As a favour to his former spy master McCready, and in stark violation of his BND employment rules, he agrees to enter Eastern Germany, and manages to get the document into his hands.

Morenz, however, already suffers from a nervous breakdown due to events in Western Germany, and makes a rash escape while involved in a minor traffic accident. A man-hunt develops, with the Eastern German security services eventually realizing that they have a substantial spy case in their hands. McCready also realizes that Morenz is in deep trouble; digging into Morenz' past, he locates a potential hiding place. Against all orders, he assumes a false identity, uses old friends to cross the border without being noticed, and manages to locate Morenz. Since the search is already closing in on them, and Morenz is in no state to make an escape, Sam hands him poisoned alcohol, takes the book and slips again through the border, thus protecting Pankratin from being convicted (even though he is now strongly suspected), preventing Morenz from being interrogated, and retrieving the sought after document.

[edit] The Price of the Bride

During a visit of the Soviet Military Intelligence Corps (GRU) in Britain, one of them phones a CIA agent, who is stationed in Britain, and asks for help in defecting from the USSR to America. He introduces himself as colonel Pyotr Orlov, a full colonel of KGB. Mr. Orlov claims to have much information for the Americans about KGB's activities and projects. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent agrees to Orlov's terms and brings him secretly to the US where he is held for questioning.

Orlov's information prove to be valuable, leading to the arrest of Russian spies in many countries, and providing important information regarding USSR military planning. While the CIA is delighted to have such a valuable asset, Sam McCready has a gut feeling that something might be wrong with Orlov; his suspicion is confirmed by a high member of the Russian embassy (codename Keepsake) who secretly works for McCready. Keepsake claims that Orlov is not a defector but is trying to seed distrust within the CIA by denouncing a high ranking CIA officer and thus bringing chaos and distrust into the entire agency.

At this point, the cooperation between US and British turns into mutual distrust, with both assuming their own Russian defector being valuable, whereas their opponents defector producing misinformation. The events accelerate when Orlov finally indirectly identifies the supposed CIA traitor by a number of indirect hints that can lead to only one person; at the same time, Keepsake is recalled to Moscow. In order to prevent the disintegration of the CIA from within, and also to prove to himself that Keepsake was not a deceptor, Sam McCready prepares Keepsake's escape from Moscow. The action succeeds, and Orlov's scheme is finally uncovered.

It is, however, too late for the CIA agent Orlov had denounced. An over-eager CIA agent had already killed him, trying to prevent a possible defection into the Warsaw Pact. The story ends with Orlov being told that his story has been blown, and Orlov stoically accepting his immediate execution.

[edit] A Casaulty of War

This case is about a Libyan arms delivery to the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) and other European terrorist groups. Libya delivers the weaponry in order to hit United States interests in Europe.

Some information about this deal are intercepted and the Foreign Office decides to foil that deal. Sam McCready manages to hire the ex-Special Air Service agent Tom Rowse turned novelist. Tom Rowse, who is known to have left the SAS after deep disagreements, will pose as a weapons buyer, thinly covered by the pretense of conducting research for a new novel. He manages to get into contact with the Libyan arms provider, and manages to get his weapons cache included in the IRA shipment.

When he gets informed on how to collect his order, the ship transporting the weaponry is identified. British special forces forcefully board the vessel, and locate the hidden contraband.

[edit] A Little Bit of Sunshine

Sunshine is a small (fictional) island in the Caribbean, in transition from a British overseas territory to independence. Independence is dictated by Britain out of financial concerns only, and no political parties have developed so far. The two presidential candidates are expatriates, with expatriate support groups and no backing in the population.

The story begins when a vacationing US law enforcement agent recognizes a criminal amongst one of the candidates' support organization. While returning early, his plane explodes in mid-air, prompting a colleague of his to privately investigate. At the same time, the governor has been murdered, and Scotland Yard sends an investigator; Sam McCready, who is in the USA, hears about the murder, and being suspicious about the events decides to pay a visit to Sunshine.

While the Scotland Yard investigator works on his case, McCready offers his support, and teams up with the colleague of the US-agent. During the investigation, McCready is able to identify the two presidential candidates as a drug dealer on the one and as a figurehead for the Cuban regime on the other hand. Skilfully playing his cards with the press who arrived after the murder of the governor, McCready is able to foil both candidates schemes, and ensures that Sunshine keeps its political status.

The murder of the governor is revealed to have had only one purpose: to lure the press to Sunshine and achieve media coverage. The perpetrator, a popular old lady, who represents the spirit of Sunshine, can avoid detection with the help of McCready; the Scotland Yard investigator leaves empty handed. even though he knows 'who-done-it'.

[edit] Epilogue

When all four cases are presented and the participants in the hearing are acquainted of the situation, the verdict is made. Sam McCready was given four choices: to become the Commandant of the Training School, the Head of Administration/Accounts, or the Head of Central Registry. He chose none of it and waited for the УjuryФ to decide his fate.

What he knew was, that the decision was made weeks ago before this hearing even took place so he wasn't surprised at all when he heard the verdict. He was to quit his job and abandon his office with a great amount of compensation money. So Sam McCready left his office and step out to the world he was helping to protect for so long.

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