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Improve your English through Listening AudioBooks : If I'm Dead


Audiobooks are a great way to learn English. Using audiobooks as part of your English studies will get you the practice you need to become a better English speaker.

The Benefits of Using Audiobooks to Learn English :

You can repeat any part of the book as many times as you want. You might be afraid or embarrassed to ask people to repeat themselves, but you can repeat an audiobook over and over (and it will never get annoyed).

You can “read” the book as slow or fast as you want. Listen to only one paragraph a day, or read an entire book in a few hours. When you’re talking with a real person, you can’t really tell them to share only half of their story today and the rest tomorrow—but you can stop an audiobook wherever you want to.

You can choose any accent, gender or speed that you want to listen to. Do you have trouble understanding people with British accents? You can listen to an audiobook read by a British person to practice. Want to understand New Yorkers better before moving there? You can find that, too. Audiobooks have so many different kinds of voices to choose from.

You can listen to audiobooks any time. You can listen on your way to work or school, during breaks or even right before bed. It’s like having somebody read you a bedtime story!

Tips for Actively Listening to English Audiobooks :

If you just listen to audiobooks, you will learn something. But to really learn the most that you can, try using these tips:

Take notes: One mistake you can make when taking notes is writing too much. So instead, write down only things that will help you later when you look at your notes. Write words and expressions that you don’t know.

If you are trying to understand the story, write important events or names of characters. If you’re stopping your audiobook every couple of words to write, you are writing too much. Listen, learn and only write the most important things.

Read along: If you own a copy of the book you are listening to, read along with the audio. Reading along makes you concentrate completely on the words. To practice pronunciation, stop the recording once in a while and read what you just heard out loud. Try to match the pronunciation of what you just heard. Can you do it?

Discuss: How well did you understand the book you just listened to? The best way to find out is to talk to other people about it. You can do that by joining online communities where you can talk about your books, like Goodreads or Online Book Club.

You can also join a local book club and talk with people in person about the books you read. You can use Reader’s Circle or Meetup to find a book club near you.

Listen again: The first time you listen, you are listening to understand the story and the words. After you listen once, put the audiobook away and look over your notes. Look up the words you didn’t know.

Now you’re ready to listen again, and this time you’re listening to learn. Now that you understand what the words are saying, you can listen more closely to things you didn’t notice the first time, like how to use a word in a sentence or how the reader’s voice sounds when they use a phrase.

Use what you learn: By now you should have a few new words, phrases, pronunciations and more that you learned from the audiobook. So practice using what you learned! Use your new vocabulary words in conversations. Talk about what you just read with a friend. You’ll be surprised at how much you learned from just listening to someone read a book to you!

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