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Supreme Self-confidence


Paul McKenna - Supreme Self-Confidence (MP3s Only) | Size53.47 MB
As far as I know they only sold this as CDs. No book whatsoever came with it.
Paul Mckenna - Supreme Self-Confidence
1. Introduction
2. Hypnotic Induction
Customer Reviews27 of 27 people found the following review helpful: 4.0 out of 5 stars works well if you let it, 13 Oct 2004
By A Customer
I have used this on and off for a long time and it certainly does the business, but it's important to understand that the whole hypnosis thing only works if you allow yourself to relax and go with it. It's not a magical thing where you switch the cd on and suddenly you are in a trance. If you listen attentively thinking 'why isn't anything happening yet?' then it simply won't work. It's like lying awake in bed constantly asking yourself 'why aren't I asleep yet?'.
It won't be for everyone because to a certain extent you have to be able to get your mind in a relaxed enough state by yourself to begin with in order for the hypnosis to start working, but if you can just allow yourself to switch off and do keep listening to it every day for a month then you will notice real improvements. I was very skeptical at first and it took a while to allow myself to get into it but it was certainly worth it. If you're worrying about trying to make out every word he says though or are worrying what to do when you count down to zero then you're in the wrong state of mind for it to work to begin with. You really do just have to empty your mind and let it drift over you.37 of 38 people found the following review helpful: 5.0 out of 5 stars I overcame serious nerves to confidently speak in public!, 25 May 2004
By A Customer
I bought this cd with a month to go before an important presentation, in the hope that it would help me conquer my nerves. I had previously had very bad experiences with public speaking - my nerves always seemed to give me away - as soon as I would hear the shakiness in my own voice I would know I couldn't expect the audience to have any faith in me when I appeared to doubt myself! I always felt so unprofessional, and would beat myself up afterwards for doing such a poor job, and I would already be worrying about the next time.
I listened to track two of the cd every day for four weeks. After the first few times, I seemed conditioned to get into the trance state of mind really quickly - I would wake up at the end feeling calm, but generally not remembering much about the whole thing. Paul McKenna tells us this is common. I began to look forward to this relaxing time in my day, and noticed in advance of the presentation that I was beginning to feel more excited than nervous - then eventually realized that Paul talks directly about cultivating this feeling! I began to have growing faith that the cd was making a difference to me, and this belief helped me to expect things to be different this time.On the presentation day I felt a small flurry of butterflies (rather than fear gripping at my chest as previously experienced!), kept under control with Paul's breathing technique. As soon as I started to talk, all my nerves and fears melted away - I could hear that my voice was strong, confident and lively, and the rest of me seemed to follow suit!For the first time I was pleased with a presentation. I'm even looking forward to the next one - now that I know I can hold it together and be professional, I want to progress further - there's no reason I can't be really good at it now is there, with a bit of practice that is.This cd has changed my career permanently - I was really worried about staying in the job I'm in with the poor presentation performances I'd given. I can hardly believe I'm now thinking about how to excel at the very same thing. I really recommend you give this cd a try - you have nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain after all. I will never get rid of my copy!26 of 26 people found the following review helpful: 5.0 out of 5 stars This CD really works!!!, 7 Mar 2004

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