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A History of England from the Tudors to the Stuarts


During the 229-year period from 1485 to 1714, England transformed itself from a minor feudal state into what has been called "the first modern society," and emerged as the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the world.

Those years hold a huge story. The English people survived repeated epidemics and famines, one failed invasion and two successful ones, two civil wars, a series of violent religious reformations and counter-reformations, and confrontations with two of the most powerful monarchs on Earth, Louis XIV of France and Philip II of Spain.

But they did much more than survive. They produced a marvelous culture that gave the world the philosophy of John Locke, the plays of Shakespeare, the wit of Swift, the poetry of Milton, the buildings of Christopher Wren, the science of Isaac Newton, and the verse of the King James Bible.

And despite the cruelty, bloodshed, and religious suppression they visited on so many, they also left behind something else: the political principles and ideals for which we—and so many of them—would work and die, and on which we Americans would build our nation.

  • 1. England 1485—1714, the First Modern Country
  • 2. The Land and Its People in 1485—I
  • 3. The Land and Its People in 1485—II
  • 4. The Land and Its People in 1485—III
  • 5. Medieval Prelude—1377-1455
  • 6. Medieval Prelude—1455-85
  • 7. Establishing the Tudor Dynasty—1485-97
  • 8. Establishing the Tudor Dynasty—1497-1509
  • 9. Young King Hal—1509—27
  • 10. The King's Great Matter—1527-30
  • 11. The Break from Rome—1529-36
  • 12. A Tudor Revolution—1536-47?
  • 13. The Last Years of Henry VIII—1540-47
  • 14. Edward VI—1547-53
  • 15. Mary I—1553-58
  • 16. Young Elizabeth-1558
  • 17. The Elizabethan Settlement—1558-68
  • 18. Set in a Dangerous World—1568-88
  • 19. Heart and Stomach of a Queen—1588-1603
  • 20. The Land and Its People in 1603
  • 21. Private Life—The Elite
  • 22. Private Life—The Commoners
  • 23. The Ties that Bound
  • 24. Order and Disorder
  • 25. Towns, Trade, and Colonization
  • 26. London
  • 27. The Elizabethan and Jacobean Age
  • 28. Establishing the Stuart Dynasty—1603-25
  • 29. The Ascendancy of Buckingham—1614-28
  • 30. Religion and Local Control—1628-37
  • 31. Crisis of the Three Kingdoms—1637-42
  • 32. The Civil Wars—1642-49
  • 33. The Search for a Settlement—1649-53
  • 34. Cromwellian England—1653-60
  • 35. The Restoration Settlement—1660-70
  • 36. The Failure of the Restoration—1670-78
  • 37. The Popish Plot and Exclusion—1678-85
  • 38. A Catholic Restoration? 1685-88
  • 39. The Glorious Revolution—1688-89
  • 40. King William's War—1689-92
  • 41. King William's War—1692-1702
  • 42. Queen Anne and the Rage of Party—1702
  • 43. Queen Anne's War—1702-10
  • 44. Queen Anne's Peace—1710-14
  • 45. Hanoverian Epilogue—1714-30
  • 46. The Land and Its People in 1714-I
  • 47. The Land and Its People in 1714-II
  • 48. The Meaning of English History—1485-1714
24 hours and 10 mins | ISBN: 1565856562 | mp3 | 342 MB

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