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Towers of Midnight - The Wheel of Time book 13


Moridin gives a dreamspike, which blocks Traveling, to Graendal to trap Perrin so he can be killed by an invading Trolloc army. She in turn orders Isam to keep it placed in the World of Dreams so that the Asha'man with Perrin cannot form gateways. Perrin, who has been improving his Wolf Dream talents with the dead wolf Hopper, finds the dreamspike and starts moving it away. Since he can only jump within the radius of effect of the device, he can only make short hops. He eventually makes his way to Tar Valon, with Isam chasing him.

Rand al'Thor visits the White Tower and tells Egwene that he plans to break the seals on the Dark One's prison. Rand tells Egwene that he wants to meet her again at the Field of Merrilor in the Borderlands to discuss the situation. Egwene, alarmed by the plan, sends many letters to rulers asking them to come to the meeting place to oppose it. Many armies gather at their meeting location so that Rand and Egwene can decide the fate of the world.

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