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Critical Survey of Long Fiction


From Booklist
This massive 10-volume set is an update of the original, published in 1983/84 and revised in 1991 and again in 2000. Well over 100 authors dropped in the revised editions are reinstated here, and close to another 100 brand-new names have been added, fully half of them women. In total, that leaves nearly 700 international authors of long fiction from the tenth century to the present, alphabetically arranged. The format for each author entry includes birth and death dates; principal long fiction and other literary forms; literary achievements; biographical information; analysis of the author's work as a whole; plot and critical summary of one or more major works; and other major works. Each entry is followed by an approximately page-long bibliography of biographical and critical resources—useful, according to the opening “Publisher's Note,” to first-time readers of these authors' works. The last third or so of volume 9 and all of volume 10 contain more than 60 essays surveying everything from “Long Fiction in the Ancient Greco-Roman World” to “Young Adult Long Fiction.” Most essays focus on a specific country's, continent's, or culture's long fiction—African, German, Irish, Italian, Jewish American, etc.—or long fiction in a specific genre—detective, fantasy, gothic, historical, young adult, etc.

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