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Math Tutor DVD - Probability and Statistics


01. Permutations.avi 396.2 MB
02. Combinations.avi 208.6 MB
03. Fundamentals of Probability.avi 334.3 MB
04. Addition Rules of Probability.avi 297.4 MB
05. Conditional Probability.avi 200.6 MB
06. Bayes' Theorem.avi 314.4 MB
07. Mathematical Expectation.avi 81.8 MB
08. Mean, Median, and Mode.avi 104.8 MB
09. Standard Deviation and Variance.avi 170.6 MB
10. Random Variables and Intro to Probability Distributions.avi 217.6 MB
11. The Binomial Distribution.avi 380.2 MB
12. Mean and Standard Deviation of Binomial Distribution.avi 163.7 MB
13. The Poisson Distribution.avi 246.5 MB
14. The Normal Probability Density.avi 455.1 MB
Probability and Statistics (Detailed Description).mht 317.9 KB


the file is a torrent uploaded to megaupload

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