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Honor of the Clan


Honor of the Clan (2009) is the fourth SF novel in the Legacy of the Aldenata series, following Sister Time. In the previous volume, Cally drove the Darhel Clan Chief of the Epetar Group into lintatai. Then the Bane Sidhe raided the Institute for the Advancement of Human Welfare. During the battle within the building, the platoon from Direct Action Group mutinied and went over to the Bane Sidhe side.
Michelle battled Erick Winchon in mentat style, but Cally fired a .50 caliber bullet into the psychotic mentat. His shields failed and the attacking forces then burned him into ashes. The Indowy Bane Sidhe -- with the exception of Clan Aelool -- were unhappy with the killings and withdrew their support from the humans. They even took away the slab than provided medical miracles.
In this novel, Papa O'Neal goes on a diplomatic mission to the Indowy. He is accompanied by Father O'Reilly's personal assistant to provide tutoring in diplomatic ways and means. It takes most of the trip to get Papa to cooperate somewhat with the PA. Cally O'Neal becomes acting Head of the Clan. She is no better suited for that job than her grandfather is to diplomacy. Yet, she perseveres and doesn't make too many mistakes.
Michelle O'Neal is still responding to the consequences following the dissolution of the Epetar Group. Indowy clans on Adenast had pulled their workers from her projects and she has deadlines coming up. She requests a meeting with the leader of the Roolnai Clan.
Major General Mike O'Neal is transferred back to Earth. On the five month long voyage, he ponders the meaning of the orders. They had just ordered his deputy to become the acting commander, but hadn't even mentioned a permanent replacement for his job as division commander.
In this story, a middle manager in the Epetar Group arranges for a message to be sent to several Darhel clans and then allows himself to fall into lintatai. When the message reaches its recipients, the Darhels hire humans to exterminate the Bane Sidhe among their Indowy employees. The surviving Indowy Bane Sidhe flee to Earth.
Meanwhile, Tir Dol Ron instructs his chief of dirty tricks to do something about the DAG troops who mutinied against his orders. Johnny Earl Bill Stuart discusses the mission with his cousin Bobby and they select a course of action. The first dependents of the DAG troops are assassinated in their safe houses shortly thereafter.
When Cally becomes aware of the assassinations, she practically glows with icy anger. Bane Sidhe operatives are tasked with finding out who are doing the killings and then Cally sends out her own assassins to terminate the killers. They have a good idea who is behind the killings, but want to be certain. So they take temporary prisoners.
This tale continues the conflict between humans and the Darhel. Some humans are trying to avoid open fighting since galactic affairs need something like the Darhel to keep the economy stable. On the other hand, the Bane Sidhe assumes that they can fix the economy after they eliminate the predators.
This story is another cover to cover conflict, from personal quarrels to small unit battles. Maybe someone can become bored with this book, but many readers will have trouble putting it down. Enjoy!
Highly recommended for Ringo & Cochrane fans and for anyone else who enjoys tales of covert operations, galactic politics, and a touch of romance.

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