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The Balance: Your Personal Prescription for *Super Metabolism *Renewed Vitality *Maximum Health *Instant Rejuvenation



The Balance is a personalized plan to correct metabolic imbalances and boost your body's efficiency by combining nutritional planning and exercise with cutting-edge supplementation and stress management.

Based on your answers to a 45-question health and lifestyle quiz, you will gain:
Enhanced energy and enduranceImproved concentrationBetter ability to cope with stressA reduction in premature agingTO FIND OUT MORE, TAKE THE TEST TODAY! Review: Oz Garcia is known in New York City as the nutritionist to see if you want to become full of vitality like his other clients, among them actress Winona Ryder, designer Nicole Miller, and supermodel Yasmeen Ghouri. He wrote The Balance in part because he couldn't keep up with the demand for his consultations. With a 45-question quiz, Garcia will help you define yourself as a metabolically fast, slow, or mixed burner. While you'd think it'd be beneficial to be a fast burner, Garcia says that's not necessarily so: people who are on the thin, nervous side often pay for their figures with fatigue, depleted mineral stores, moodiness, and an impaired ability to concentrate. On the other hand, more than two-thirds of Americans are slow burners, he says, which means a tendency toward hyperinsulinemia, insomnia, heart disease, diabetes, and other serious health problems. Even if you suspect you know what kind of burner you are, Garcia will enlighten you with specific foods, supplements, types of exercise, and lifestyle suggestions to try--including tips for eating out--to help improve your metabolism and overall health. Besides avoiding wheat--the dietary evil he says all types should avoid--the program is remarkably flexible and realistic. There's no calorie counting, and if you're at a social event and go off the program for a night, Garcia says so be it. Just hop back on the program as soon as possible afterwards. In addition to The Balance's aim of bringing about greater energy, relief from PMS, improved resilience to stress, and a decrease in the frequency of mood swings, Garcia says it even boosts concentration and mental functioning, thereby improving relationships and even making therapy sessions more effective. While this may sound farfetched, Garcia's followers swear it's a remarkably effective, life-changing program.Summary: Layperson's guide to metabolism and nutritionRating: 4Well explained nutrition and physiology information. Much of the book confirms other researchers' (eg. Charlton Fredericks) work regarding different metabolisms and how people with fast or slow burning metabolisms need to adjust their eating habits. Oz also explains how stress ruins many people's health. Some of my personal training clients have gotten good results from following Mr. Garcia's advice. Doug Setter Bachelor of Human Ecology Author of Stomach Flattening Summary: Best explanation of how foods influence energy levelsRating: 4This book changed my life. It explains in a very engaging and accessible way how different kinds of foods cause your energy levels to go up or down by the way they are digested. The best part is, it destroys the myth that you need to limit your calories, or limit your fat intake. Simply by eating the right mix of carbs, protein and fat (and the right kinds of carbs), you will naturally feel full when you've eaten enough, and you will not be hungry again right away. The basic idea is to make your digestive system work slowly, so that each meal "lasts" a while, giving you steady energy levels and reducing the desire to eat right away. This book gets negative reviews for two reasons -- (1) it is not "new", so don't get it if you're already a nutrition expert, and (2) the "quiz" is useless: it has only three possible outcomes -- slow, mixed, or fast burner -- and the diets recommended for each type are extremely similar. So, if you want a customized diet plan, don't get this book. But if you want to know how different kinds of foods influence your energy levels, and you want to know how to lose weight without feeling hungry and without giving up fatty foods, get this book now!!! Summary: Too general for people informed on nutrition / healthcareRating: 2I was drawn to this idea of customizing your diet / health plan to your own body / metabolism - really seemed to be the latest, most commonsense-like phase however the test most likely puts people into the "mixed" group and if one is reasonably current on healthcare / nutrition you probably won't get much from this book.Summary: Loved this book!!Rating: 5The way Oz writes is refreshing! I picked up this book on a whim before heading on an 8 hour car trip. I read the book and when I came home put it to use. My energy soared!! I honestly felt great. Take the time to follow his recommendations and you'll look and feel 100% better!Summary: Big promises but it is the same old stuffRating: 2I had high hopes for this book after reading others' glowing reviews. But it is the same old stuff; low carbohydrate, watch the fat, lean meat, lots of green and yellow vegetables, careful of fruit, no fruit juice, no sugar, no white flour, etc., etc., you know it all already. It basically amounts to a low calorie diet and exercise, exercise, exercise. (What is there for us who cannot exercise?) I was also disappointed to see old, discredited nutrition "facts" such as simple carbohydrates being different from complex carbohydates. That was disproven years ago. Studies on glycemic indices showed that carrots were worse than table sugar for raising blood sugar. He also lists a number of theories for aging, including "free radicals" as just one of six, leaving the impression it is not a proven fact. But he then goes on to talk a lot about free radicals as if the 'theory' is fact. He also subscribes to the well-worn idea that "modern man" is descended from evolutionary beginnings. Since evolution is just a theory, and pretty well disproved, it is hardly the proper basis for constructing a diet presumably tuned to one's metabolism. We are all too complex to be sorted out as fast burner, slow burner or mixed burner. And the criteria for determining such is purely his own, tho he claims some ideas came from a few nutritionists. All in all, I wish I had saved my money.

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