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Main page » Periodicals » Science ~ VOL 327, Number 1, January 2010

Science ~ VOL 327, Number 1, January 2010


12 Promoting Scientific Standards
Bruce Alberts
18 Obama Backs New Launcher and Bigger
NASA Budget
19 Senate Looms as Bigger Hurdle
After Copenhagen
20 Protests by Staff, Advisers Rattle
Australian Synchrotron
21 From Science’s Online Daily News Site
22 U.K. Physicists Cry Foul at Major
Budget Cuts
22 Errors in Chemistry Claims Cast Doubt on
Reactome Paper
23 From the Science Policy Blog
24 Recession Hits Some Sciences Hard at
Florida State University
25 Embryo Ruling Keeps Stem Cell
Research Legal
26 In the Afterglow of the Big Bang
>> Science Podcast
30 Bushmeat Hunting and Climate:
An Indirect Link
P. A. Jansen et al.
Gray Wolves Not Out of the Woods Yet
J. T. Bruskotter et al.
Patents: A Threat to Innovation?
M. Manocaran
S. J. H. Graham and M. J. Higgins
Let Top Students Go Forth and Prosper
G. Madhavan and B. A. Oakley
33 Lizards in an Evolutionary Tree
J. B. Losos, reviewed by R. G. Gillespie
34 Don’t Be Such a Scientist R. Olson;
Am I Making Myself Clear? C. Dean,
reviewed by P. Kareiva
34 Browsings
36 Opportunities for Research and NIH
F. S. Collins
38 Molecular Donuts and Donut Holes
K. H. Whitmire
>> Report p. 72
39 Serendipitous Astronomy
K. R. Lang
41 Janus Catalysts Direct
Nanoparticle Reactivity
D. J. Cole-Hamilton
>> Report p. 68
42 Some Enzymes Just Need
a Space of Their Own
S. Kang and T. Douglas
>> Report p. 81
43 Brain Activity to Rely On?
D. S. Schwarzkopf and G. Rees
>> Report p. 97
45 Retrospective:
Rossiter H. Crozier (1943–2009)
J. J. Boomsma and P. Pamilo
46 Lipid Rifts As a Membrane-Organizing
D. Lingwood and K. Simons
51 Masquerade: Camouflage Without Crypsis
J. Skelhorn et al.
Caterpillars masquerading as twigs are
misidentified by chick predators as inanimate
objects, rather than remaining undetected.
>> Science Podcast
52 Dendritic Mechanisms Underlying
Rapid Synaptic Activation of Fast-Spiking
Hippocampal Interneurons
H. Hu et al.
Potassium channel enrichment in the
dendrites of hippocampal basket cells defines
a mechanism of neural network function.
58 An Unusually Fast-Evolving Supernova
D. Poznanski et al.
The distinctive properties of this supernova
suggest that it is of a kind predicted by theory
but not previously observed.
60 Polarization-Induced Hole Doping in
Wide–Band-Gap Uniaxial Semiconductor
J. Simon et al.
A compositional gradient of two semiconductors
creates an electronic polarization that ionizes
and activates dopant atoms.
64 Translocation of Single-Stranded DNA
Through Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
H. Liu et al.
Transfer of DNA by electrophoresis through
some carbon nanotubes is accompanied by
giant current pulses.
68 Solid Nanoparticles That Catalyze
Biofuel Upgrade Reactions at the
Water/Oil Interface
S. Crossley et al.
Oxide nanoparticles bearing carbon
nanotubes and functionalized with palladium
act as both emulsifiers and catalysts.
>> Perspective p. 41
72 Unveiling the Transient Template
in the Self-Assembly of a Molecular
Oxide Nanowheel
H. N. Miras et al.
Use of a flow reactor reveals a key
intermediate in the formation of a
molybdenum oxide nanostructure.
>> Perspective p. 38
75 Synchronous Deglacial Overturning and
Water Mass Source Changes
N. L. Roberts et al.
Large-scale ocean circulation changed in
different ways during a millennial-scale
climate event.
78 Human Genome Sequencing Using
Unchained Base Reads on Self-Assembling
DNA Nanoarrays
R. Drmanac et al.
A low-cost sequencing technique advances
us closer to the goal of the $1000 human
81 Structure and Mechanisms of a
Protein-Based Organelle in Escherichia coli
S. Tanaka et al.
Structures of the shell proteins from a
bacterial organelle help to explain how
it functions in metabolizing ethanolamine.
>> Perspective p. 42
84 The Tasmanian Devil Transcriptome
Reveals Schwann Cell Origins of a
Clonally Transmissible Cancer
E. P. Murchison et al.
Sequencing the Tasmanian devil facial tumor
disease provides a potential diagnostic marker.
>> Science Podcast
88 O-Mannosyl Phosphorylation of
Alpha-Dystroglycan Is Required
for Laminin Binding
T. Yoshida-Moriguchi et al.
A posttranslational sugar modification
required to prevent certain dystrophies
is identified and characterized.
91 The Rate and Molecular Spectrum
of Spontaneous Mutations in
Arabidopsis thaliana
S. Ossowski et al.
Rapid sequencing technologies allow
a more accurate calculation of the
mutation rate for plants.
94 Targeted 3 Processing of Antisense
Transcripts Triggers Arabidopsis FLC
Chromatin Silencing
F. Liu et al.
A backward transcript of the FLOWERING
LOCUS C gene of Arabidopsis is involved in
regulation of the sense-strand transcription.
97 Reproducibility Distinguishes Conscious
from Nonconscious Neural Representations
A. Schurger et al.
Analysis of functional magnetic resonance
imaging data reveals that neural activation
patterns are more reproducible for seen
versus unseen objects.
>> Perspective p. 43

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