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Open Forum 2 - Academic Listening and Speaking


Open Forum is a three-level listening and speaking skills series for English language learners who need practice in extended listening and discussion in preparation for academic work, or to attain a personal goal.

The series is structured around high-interest listening texts with an academic focus that engage and motivate students. Units feature academic content areas such as Business, History, or Psychology. The content areas are revisited as the series progresses, ensuring that students recycle and extend the ideas and vocabulary of each topic. Focused practice in listening and speaking skills is integrated into each unit.

Open Forum 1 is for students at the high-beginning to low-intermediate level.

Open Forum 2  is for students at the intermediate level.

Open Forum 3 is for students at the high-intermediate to advanced level.


Here is the content (with ordinal number of track)


Chapter 1: Environmental Studies

Topic: City planning

 Lecture about city planning: track 2
 Interview about planning public parks: track3
Pronunciation - Sentence Stress: track 4, 5

Chapter 2: Psychology

Topics: Leisure activities; quality of life

Radio program about the concept of"flow": track 6
Personal interviews about some results of the survey on quality of life: track 7
Pronunciation - Unstressed Function Words (articles, prepositions, and conjunctions): track 8, 9
Speaking Skill - Elaborating to Keep a Conversation Going: track 10

Chapter 3: Food Science

Topics: Food; changes in habits

Lecture about taste in food: track 11
Vocabulary - Verbs + -ing Form or Infinitive: track 12
Interview with a food scientist: track 13
Pronunciation - Intonation with Questions: track 14
Speaking Skill - Hesitating and Taking Time to Think: track 15

Chapter 4: Visual Art

Topic: Visual art

Radio interview about Aboriginal art: track 16
Lecture in an art museum:
. An introduction about the painting American Gothic: track 17
. Describing the painting in details: track 18
Pronunciation - The Schwa Sound: track 19, 20, 21
Speaking Skill - Using Imprecision: track 22, 23

Chapter 5: Life Science

Topics: Ocean research; condor preservation

Radio program on ocean research: track 24
Listening Skill - Working Out Unknown Vocabulary: track 25, 26, 28
Informational talk at a ranger station: track 27
Pronunciation - Verb Endings: track 29, 30
Speaking Skill - Asking for Further Information: track 31


Chapter 6: Social Studies

Topic: Work

Lecture about European and U.S work habits: track 2
Radio program about self-employment in the US: track 3
Listening Skill - Working Out Unknown Vocabulary: track 4
Pronunciation - Contractions with Be and Have: track 5
Speaking Skill - Expressing Opinions: track 6

Chapter 7: Language and Communication

Topic: Different languages in the US; endangered languages

Lecture about other languages in the US: track 7
Listening Skill - Intensive Listening for Numbers: track 8
Vocabulary - Expressions for Approximations with Numbers: track 9
Student presentation in class:  track 10
Pronunciation - Stress in Numbers with -ty and -teen: track 11, track 12

Chapter 8: Technology

Topic: Inventors and inventions

Conversation with a writer about inventions of the late 19th and early 20th centuries: track 13
Listening Skill - Identifying the Purpose of a Story or Example: track 14, 15, 16
Talk at a technology museum: track 17
Working Out Unknown Vocabulary: track 18
Vocabulary - Word Stress: track 19, 20
Speaking Skill - Explaining a Process: track 21

Chapter 9: Marketing and Advertising

Topic: Marketing and advertising

Listeners' responses to a radio program about advertising: track 22
Listening Skill - Summarizing: track 23, 24
Informal conversation: track 25
Pronunciation - Using Intonation to Express Interest: track 26 
Speaking Skill - Checking for Understanding: track 27

  These audios are appropriate for learners who have only textbook  (like me 2 months ago - no matter how patient I was, I found it nowhere)



CD1: 65.6Mb,

CD2: 59.2Mb

BOOK No key  60,16 MB JPG

samples 5,07 MB

NOTES: There are 12 Chapters but I've got only 9 (audio). I'm sorry to tell that I have no expectation of receiving the remainder

 Sorry for the poor quality book. Thanks for downloading ^^



NEW: Answer key and test booklet kindly by badaboom  (see MIRROR BOX )

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