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Main page » Coursebooks » IMPACT Mathematics (Algebra and More), Course 3 Ц Interactive Student Edition (2005)

IMPACT Mathematics (Algebra and More), Course 3 Ц Interactive Student Edition (2005)


IMPACT Mathematics Course 1 - 3 is designed for grades 6 - 8 with the goal of completing Algebra 1 content by the end of the 8th grade covering Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 over 3 years. This program has been extensively field tested and has proven to be highly successful in a large urban district with an increase in assessment scores for all students in all three grade levels. IMPACT Mathematics makes the big ideas of mathematics accessible to middle school students through an emphasis on investigation, problem solving, mathematical understanding, and algebra skills. The goal of IMPACT Mathematics remains to help students develop a deep understanding of mathematics with an emphasis on algebra.

- Investigative Instruction
- Hands-on exploration of real-world applications that allow student discovery of mathematics concepts while they make connections between different mathematical ideas.
- Performance-Based Assessment
- Evaluation based on what students know, understand, and show they can do.
- Communication Skills
- Curriculum that includes discussion and reflection as an integral piece of every step of instruction.


CHAPTER 1: Linear Relationships
Lesson 1.1: Direct Variation
Lesson 1.2: Slope
Lesson 1.3: More Explorations with Lines

CHAPTER 2: Quadratic and Inverse Relationships
Lesson 2.1: Quadratic Relationships
Lesson 2.2: Families of Quadratics
Lesson 2.3: Inverse Variation

CHAPTER 3: Exponents and Exponential Variation
Lesson 3.1: Exponents Revisited
Lesson 3.2: Exponential Relationships
Lesson 3.3: Radicals

CHAPTER 4: Solving Equations
Lesson 4.1: Revisiting Equations
Lesson 4.2: Inequalities
Lesson 4.3: Using Graphs and Tables to Solve Equations
Lesson 4.4: Solving Systems of Equations

CHAPTER 5: Transformational Geometry
Lesson 5.1: Reflection
Lesson 5.2: Rotation
Lesson 5.3: Translation and Combining Transformations
Lesson 5.4: Dilation
Lesson 5.5: Coordinates and Transformations

CHAPTER 6: Working with Expressions
Lesson 6.1: Rearranging Algebraic Expressions
Lesson 6.2: Expanding Products of Binomials
Lesson 6.3: Patterns in Products of Binomials
Lesson 6.4: Working with Algebraic Fractions
Lesson 6.5: Adding and Subtracting Algebraic Fractions

CHAPTER 7: Solving Quadratic Equations
Lesson 7.1: Solving by Backtracking
Lesson 7.2: Solving by Factoring
Lesson 7.3: Completing the Square
Lesson 7.4: The Quadratic Formula

CHAPTER 8: Functions and Their Graphs
Lesson 8.1: Functions
Lesson 8.2: Graphs of Functions

CHAPTER 9: Probability
Lesson 9.1: Counting Strategies
Lesson 9.2: Probability Distributions
Lesson 9.3: Probability Investigations

CHAPTER 10: Modeling with Data
Lesson 10.1: Data Patterns in Tables and Graphs
Lesson 10.2: Models, Data, and Decisions

Trigonometric Ratios
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