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Main page » Coursebooks » IMPACT Mathematics (Algebra and More), Course 2 Ц Interactive Student Edition (2004)

IMPACT Mathematics (Algebra and More), Course 2 Ц Interactive Student Edition (2004)


IMPACT Mathematics Course 1 - 3 is designed for grades 6 - 8 with the goal of completing Algebra 1 content by the end of the 8th grade covering Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 over 3 years. This program has been extensively field tested and has proven to be highly successful in a large urban district with an increase in assessment scores for all students in all three grade levels. IMPACT Mathematics makes the big ideas of mathematics accessible to middle school students through an emphasis on investigation, problem solving, mathematical understanding, and algebra skills. The goal of IMPACT Mathematics remains to help students develop a deep understanding of mathematics with an emphasis on algebra.

- Investigative Instruction
- Hands-on exploration of real-world applications that allow student discovery of mathematics concepts while they make connections between different mathematical ideas.
- Performance-Based Assessment
- Evaluation based on what students know, understand, and show they can do.
- Communication Skills
- Curriculum that includes discussion and reflection as an integral piece of every step of instruction.


CHAPTER 1: Understanding Expressions
Lesson 1.1: Variables and Expressions
Lesson 1.2: Expressions and Formulas
Lesson 1.3: The Distributive Property

CHAPTER 2: Geometry in Three Dimensions
Lesson 2.1: Block Patterns
Lesson 2.2: Visualizing and Measuring Block Structures
Lesson 2.3: Surface Area and Volume
Lesson 2.4: Nets and Solids

CHAPTER 3: Exploring Exponents
Lesson 3.1: Stretching and Shrinking Machines
Lesson 3.2: Shrinking and Super Machines
Lesson 3.3: Growing Exponentially
Lesson 3.4: Describing Large Numbers

CHAPTER 4: Working with Signed Numbers
Lesson 4.1: Adding and Subtracting with Negative Numbers
Lesson 4.2: Multiplying and Dividing with Negative Numbers
Lesson 4.3: Plotting Points in Four Quadrants
Lesson 4.4: Finding Distances
Lesson 4.5: Negative Numbers as Exponents

CHAPTER 5: Looking at Linear Relationships
Lesson 5.1: Understanding and Describing Rates
Lesson 5.2: Speed and the Slope Connection
Lesson 5.3: Recognizing Linear Relationships
Lesson 5.4: Tricks of the Trade

CHAPTER 6: Solving Equations
Lesson 6.1: Two Solution Methods Revisited
Lesson 6.2: A Model for Solving Equations
Lesson 6.3: Thinking with Symbols
Lesson 6.4: Simplifying Equations
Lesson 6.5: Using Expressions

CHAPTER 7: Similarity
Lesson 7.1: Are They the Same?
Lesson 7.2: Polygon Similarity and Congruence
Lesson 7.3: Area and Perimeter of Similar Figures
Lesson 7.4: Volume and Surface Area of Similar Figures

CHAPTER 8: Ratio and Proportion
Lesson 8.1: Comparing with Ratios and Rates
Lesson 8.2: Using Proportions
Lesson 8.3: Percentages and Proportions
Lesson 8.4: Interpreting and Applying Proportions

CHAPTER 9: Interpreting Graphs
Lesson 9.1: Graphing Change over Time
Lesson 9.2: Graphs and Equations
Lesson 9.3: Repeating Relationships

CHAPTER 10: Data and Probability
Lesson 10.1: Dependence
Lesson 10.2: Applying Probability
Lesson 10.3: Sampling and Making Predictions
Lesson 10.4: Statistical Tools and Graphs

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