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On the Gallic and Civil War by Julius Caesar (de Bello Gallico)


On the Gallic and Civil War
by Julius Caesar
Plus Caesar: A Brief Biography by Henry Stewart Jones

16 hours 35 min at 24kbps MP3

Suetonius, in his biography of Julius Caesar states that the Gallic and Civil Wars were written by Caesar himself, with the 8th book of the Gallic Wars was written by Hirtius.

This is a discription of the war campaigns of Julius Caesar, in Caesar's own words, starting from the time that he was in charge of the Roman forces in France (Gaul). Caesar's writing style is that of a detailed factual report, prepared year by year, of the events.

Caesar's writings present himself as a much more balanced and just leader than Suetonius or Plutarch indicate in their biographies of him. Also, the accounts of the army during the Spanish campaign show a more brutal side to his leadership.

One of the most daring and brilliant generals of all time, Julius Caesar combined the elements of tactical genius with the shrewdness of a master politician. He was an astute judge of men's character, their strengths and weaknesses. Whenever possible, he exercised restraint and mercy even when his worst enemies were in his power.

Follow along in this recording as Julius Caesar, in 50 BC, undertakes the awesome enterprise of subduing savage Gaul. That task was barely completed before his enemies in Rome struck, igniting the bloody Civil War that engulfed most of the Roman Empire and afterward left Caesar in supreme power.

Commentaries: On the Gallic War by Julius Caesar

00 Gaius Julius Caesar - A Brief Biography

01 The Gallic Wars, I        58 BCE
  •     Despriptions of Gaul - First Operations Against the Helvetii
  •     End of the Campaign Against the Helvetii
  •     Ariovistus: Preliminary Moves
  •     The Defeat of Ariovistus
02 The Gallic Wars, II
  •     Conspiracy of the Belgae
  •     Campaign Against the Nervii
  •     Defeat of the Aduatuci
03 The Gallic Wars, III    56 BCE
  •     Galba's Campaign of the Alps
  •     Revolt of the Coastal Tribes
  •     Operations in Aquitania and on the Channel Coast
04 The Gallic Wars, IV    55 BCE
  •     German Invasion of Gaul - The Romans Cross The Rhine
  •     The First Invasion of Britain
05 The Gallic Wars, V    54 BCE
  •     The Second Invasion of Britain
  •     A Revolt in Gaul - Destruction of a Roman Army
  •     The Attack on Cicero's Camp
  •     Further Revolts
06 The Gallic Wars, VI    53 BCE
  •     Suppression of Further Revolts
  •     Customs and Characteristics of the Gauls and Germans
  •     The Suit and the Orex
07 The Gallic Wars, VII    52 BCE
  •     Vercingetorix - The Beginning of the War
  •     The Siege of Borge
  •     Defeat at Gergovia and Revolt of the Aedui
  •     Labienus on the Seine - Defeat of Vercingetorix's Cavalry
  •     The Seige of Alesia
08 The Gallic Wars, VIII    51-50 BCE
  •     Preface: Letter to Balbus
  •     The Supression of the Bituriges, Carnutes & Bellovaci
  •     Final Operations - Capture of Uxellodunum
  •     Conclusion - by General Aulus Hortius
Plus On the Civil War by Julius Caesar

09 The Civil Wars, I [IofII]    50 BCE
  •     The Senate Refuses to Compromise
  •     Caesar Invades Italy
  •     Capture of Corfinium
  •     Pompey Retires from Italy
  •     At Rome and at Marseille
10 The Civil Wars, I [IIofII]    50 BCE
  •     The Campagne at Loreda: First Stages
  •     Naval Battle at Marseille
  •     The Campaign at Loreda: Second Phase
  •     The Campaign at Loreda: Final Victory
11 The Civil Wars, II        49 BCE
  •     The Siege of Marseille
  •     Settlement of Western Spain & Surrender of Marseille
  •     Curio's Campaign in Africa
12 The Civil Wars, III [IofII]    49-48 BCE
  •     Preparations for the Alerian Campaign
  •     The Landing in Alerium and First Moves
  •     The Conspiracy of Cailius
  •     Re-enforcements Arrive from Italy
  •     Scipio in Asia and Macedonia
  •     The Main Front at Doratso    
13 The Civil Wars, III [IIofII]    39-84 BCE
  •     Further Operations - A Pompeyan Success
  •     The Move Into Thessaly
  •     The Battle of Fasollis
  •     Death of Pompey - Operations in Egypt

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