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Will Durant - The Story of Civilization 04 - The Age of Faith


version: unabridged
format:  mp3
bitrate: 48 kbps
runtime: 52:14:26
read by: Alexander Adams

Book Description
4th in the Civilization series - An integrated, detailed and picturesque history of three great religions during the Middle Ages.

IV. The Age of Faith (1950)
This volume covers the Middle Ages.
1. The Byzantine Zenith: AD 325-565
Julian the Apostate: 332-63
The Triumph of the Barbarians: 325-476
The Progress of Christianity: 364-451
Europe Takes Form: 325-529
Justinian: 527-65
Byzantine Civilization: 337-565
The Persians: 224-641
2. Islamic Civilization: AD 569-1258
Mohammed: 569-632
The Koran
The Sword of Islam: 632-1058
The Islamic Scene: 632-1058
Thought and Art in Eastern Islam: 632-1058
Western Islam: 641-1086
The Grandeur and Decline of Islam: 1058-1258
3. Judaic Civilization: AD 135-1300
The Talmud: 135-500
The Medieval Jews: 500-1300
The Mind and Heart of the Jew: 500-1300
4. The Dark Ages: AD 566-1095
The Byzantine World: 566-1095
The Decline of the West: 566-1066
The Rise of the North: 566-1066
Christianity in Conflict: 529-1085
Feudalism and Chivalry: 600-1200
5. The Climax of Christianity: 1095-1300
The Crusades: 1095-1291
The Economic Revolution: 1066-1300
The Recovery of Europe: 1095-1300
Pre-Renaissance Italy: 1057-1308
The Roman Catholic Church: 1095-1294
The Early Inquisition: 1000-1300
Monks and Friars: 1095-1300
The Morals and Manners of Christendom: 700-1300
The Resurrection of the Arts: 1095-1300
The Gothic Flowering: 1095-1300
Medieval Music: 326-1300
The Transmission of Knowledge: 1000-1300
Ablard: 1079-1142
The Adventure of Reason: 1120-1308
Christian Science: 1095-1300
The Age of Romance: 1100-1300
Dante: 1265-1321
Epilogue: The Medieval Legacy

About the author
William James Durant (November 5, 1885 November 7, 1981) was an American philosopher, historian, and writer. He is best known for his authorship and co-authorship with his wife Ariel Durant of The Story of Civilization.
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