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The Christmas Story Coloring Book
The Christmas Story Coloring BookThe story of Jesus and Christmas in a coloring book. The text describing the images is very short and easy to understand. Very good quality of scan. Enjoy!

Edited by: kris-kris - 22 December 2009
Reason: new link

Get Set Go! 2 - Flash Cards

Get Set Go! 2 - Flash Cards270 карточек к учебнику  Get Set Go!-2. Формат - размер визитки (удобно хранить и просматривать в визитницах).

Печать двухсторонняя. Границы карточки только со стороны картинки. Будьте внимательны при печати, поля слева и справа должны быть одинаковые. На оборотной стороне - фраза на английском языке и её транскрипция.
270 cards to book Get Set Go! -2. Format - in the size of business cards (for convenience storing and browsing for cardholders). With English word list in XLS-format. PICTURES ARE IN RUSSIAN LANGUAGE (see PREVIEW)!!

Dictionary of Race, Ethnicity and Culture

Dictionary of Race, Ethnicity and CultureRace, ethnicity and culture are concepts of extreme relevance in society today, and yet continue to be interpreted in various and often contradictory ways. The Dictionary provides the historical background and etymology of a wide range of words related to these concepts, looking at discourses of race, ethnicity and culture from a broadly multicultural perspective.

This new and up-to-date dictionary contains numerous references to both European and American concepts, debates and terms that are relevant today- including words such as 'boat people', 'cybernazis', 'ebonics' as well as more established words and terms, such as 'affirmative action', 'caste', 'fortress Europe' and many more.

Early Netherlandish Paintings: Rediscovery, Reception, and Research
Early Netherlandish Paintings: Rediscovery, Reception, and ResearchThe so-called Flemish Primitives, a group of fifteenth-century painters from the southern Netherlands, acquired their name in the nineteenth century. Among them were world-famous artists such as Rogier van der Weyden, Hans Memling, the brothers Van Eyck, and Huge van der Goes. Their masterpieces, oil paintings minutely detailed in luminous color, are a high point of Western European art, which, together with the Italian Renaissance paintings, laid the foundations for modern art. This book focuses on the artistic, religious, and social significance of their art and its iconographic interpretations, as well as how the paintings themselves were collected, evaluated, and studied over the centuries.
100 Great Artists: A Visual Journey from Fra Angelico to Andy Warhol
100 Great Artists: A Visual Journey from Fra Angelico to Andy WarholThis book is intended to take readers on a wide-ranging journey through the story of western art, with the aid of one hundred examples of its leading exponents. For the most part, they have trained, inspired or influenced one another from the thirteenth century to the present day.
It is a fascinating, ever-developing part of our lives that we shall never tire of looking at.
Am I Normal? - BBC Radio Medical Documentary Series - Seasons 1 & 2
Am I Normal? - BBC Radio Medical Documentary Series - Seasons 1 & 2Most of us want to fit in. When it comes to our health or state of mind, we ask ourselves and our doctors “am I normal” hoping for a positive response. In this series, Vivienne Parry finds out how the doctors decide who’s in the normal box and who’s not when it comes to weight, height, hearts, depression, cancer, madness, metabolism, autism and drinking. And if you don't fit into the normal box, are you in need of medical treatment, or are you just different? Nine episodes of approx thirty minutes ach: (Weight, Height, Heart, Depression, Cancer, Madness, Metabolism, Asperger Syndrome and Autism, Alcohol)
Real-Life Math
Real-Life MathEach of the 80 alphabetically arranged chapters, from Addition to Zero-Sum Games, takes on a curriculum-centered topic.
They open with a definition, close with a brief list of further sources, and in between quickly lay out fundamental terms and ideas, historical background, and descriptions of Real-life Applications. The latter often include word (rarely number) examples.