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 урсы »ностранных языков по Skype

—оветы!—овет ѕервый “ѕодкастный”.
—лушайте! —лушайте! —лушайте! » не говорите, что вы не слышали… —о всеми...
Songs with subtitles 45
The Rolling Stone Magazines 500 - 2
Rolling Stone is a United States-based magazine devoted to music, politics, and popular culture that is published every two weeks.

The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time is the cover story of a special issue of Rolling Stone magazine published in November 2003. The list was based on the votes of 273 rock musicians, critics and industry figures, each of whom submitted a weighted list of 50 albums.

Songs 11-20
Masterpieces of Classic Greek Drama
Masterpieces of Classic Greek DramaAeschylus' Oresteia, Sophocles' Oedipus plays, Euripides' Medea and Bacchae, and Aristophanes' Birds and Lysistrata are discussed in this lively and scholarly volume. The author's experience teaching these plays to gifted high school students makes this volume particularly useful. The drama festivals, the adaptations of myth, the relevance of Aristotelian criteria, and the political and cultural background of each play are described fully, and the nature of tragedy and comedy, plot construction, stagecraft, theme, character, imagery and individual odes and speeches are analyzed in depth.
The Book Borrower: A Novel (Audiobook) No Text

The Book Borrower: A Novel (Audiobook) No TextIt is a book about friendship, books reading and teaching...

As with so many contemporary classics of female friendship--and make no mistake, The Book Borrower joins the ranks--Alice Mattison's novel begins in a park with two young mothers minding their children. Toby Ruben and Deborah Laidlaw strike up a prickly, talky relationship when Deborah loans Toby a book, Trolley Girl. Toby is charmed by her new friend: after Deborah calls, she "felt that swirl in the throat, as when the teacher said hers was the best; and she was also troubled." She's equally charmed by the book, reading as she pushes her baby in his stroller, reading late into the night. Trolley Girl forms a narrative-within-the-narrative; we read it along with Toby. It is the memoir of a woman whose sister was killed in a 1921 trolley strike. A third sister, an anarchist rabble-rouser named Jessie, may or may not have been responsible for the death.......

altReuploaded thanks to Aprilgirl! :)

Book text wanted!

English Language Learners (Issues That Concern You)
English Language Learners (Issues That Concern You)Among other issues , this† volume includes a bibliography, a list of organizations to contact for further information, and other useful appendixes.
The appendix titled “What You Should Know About English Language Learners” offers vital facts about those learning
English as a second language and how this issue affects young people. The appendix “What You Should Do About English Language Learners” discusses various solutions to the problems of those learning to speak English. These many useful features make Issues That Concern You: English Language Learners a valuable resource. Given the growing costs of being a society in which multiple languages are spoken, having a greater understanding of this issue is critical.
Smart Money April 2009
Smart Money April 2009
Smart Money April 2009
Popular Science 2009 March
Popular Science 2009 MarchPopular Science 2009 March
Popular Science is an American monthly magazine founded in 1872 carrying articles for the general reader on science and technology subjects. Popular Science is a general interest magazine with a focus on science and technology. Popular Science won ASME awards for its journalistic excellence in both 2003 (for General Excellence) and 2004 (for Best Magazine Section).