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Thesis / Dissertation - ReFraming - Transformations of subjectivity through writing
Thesis / Dissertation - ReFraming - Transformations of subjectivity through writingRockel, A (2000) ReFraming - Transformations of subjectivity through writing. PhD thesis, University of Tasmania.

ReFramingl comprises an introduction, five chapters and a conclusion. The introduction describes the inception of the project in a study of writing practiceS among'a group of fiction writers, which identifies a process of self-transformation as an experience common to members of the group. Having identified this experience as the subject of study for a thesis,it gives a rationale for a choice of the work of poet and novelist Janet Frame,in that she enacts through her writing a process of subjective change that embodies the self-transformation identified as integral to creative practice. The introduction also signals the project of reading the work of Midhel de Certeau, and Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari alongside that of Frame, as theorists who offer approaches to understanding subjective trasformation. Chapter One places the work of Frame alongside that of the literary theorist and philosopher Michil de Certeau as a way of reading motivation in Frames's work. This chapter conducts a thematic survey of the novels' concerns with experiences of subjective confinement, using Certeau's figuration of language structures as sites of constraint and subversion, and linking Frame's response with Certeau's ideas of tactics and strategies. Chapter Two surveys the work of the philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari . . on processes of creative thought as they relate to narratorial practices in Frame's novels, and relates her project to their concept of becoming, via the genre of minor literature. The chapter presents an argument that Frame's writing enacts a double becoming in that her creation of altered subjective space for herself also creates possibilities of collective change. Chapter Three conducts a chronological survey of Frame's novels, identifying structural elements and linguistic approaches to the creation of altered subjectivity in writing. It treats Frame's body of work a written entity characterised by an elaboration of the procedures and concepts through which subjective change can be understood. Another movement of double becoming is presented in the movement by which the praxis of each successive book forms'a 'theoretical" base for further praxis in the work that follows. Chapter Four approaches the relation of a reading/writing collective to this transformative theorising of subjectivity through a writing practice. The chapter ' begins by considering ways in which Frame gives voice to the connection of writing to the collective, tracing her characters' articuilation of a responsibility to speak before those who have been unable to do so. It goes on to consider the reflex of this. doubling of Frame's becoming,through responses of the collective to herwork. Chapter Five comprises a collection of poems written as part of the thesis, enacting and meditating on ways my own theoretical and writing practices have modified one another in the process of thinking and writing. The poems are also a direct response to Frame's work, thus forming an extension of the previous chapter's considerations of collectivity in reading/writing. The conclusion summarises the movement of ideas throughout the thesis using Frame's references to-point of view as a structuring device.
Collaborating to Meet Standards: Teacher/Librarian Partnerships for K-6
Collaborating to Meet Standards: Teacher/Librarian Partnerships for K-6

Demystify the collaborative process with this hands-on guide for elementary school library media specialists and teachers!

* Practical suggestions for implementing collaborative planning and teaching with classroom teachers through a variety of units

* Useful ideas for overcoming common roadblocks to collaboration

* A simple, easy-to-adapt template enhances any unit planning

Collaboration is much more than just the latest buzzword. It is a worthwhile concept that can greatly benefit library media specialists, teachers, students and administrators alike. And if it is done correctly, collaborating planning and teaching can help with meeting education standards.

This straightforward resource presents methodology and models to assist elementary school library media specialists in their efforts to work collaboratively with teachers. Each of the 19 units included are standards-based, and provide opportunities for students to master information literacy skills as outlined in Information Power. These examples demonstrate the versatility of the template, in that it can be used across the curriculum in an endless variety of applications, resulting in full compliance with various benchmarks and standards.

Chapters on the history and benefits of collaboration are included. Factors for success; roadblocks to collaboration and how to overcome them; and personal testimonials from administrators, teachers and library media specialists will provide a wealth of information about working in a collaborative environment.

Specially recommended!!!  Do not miss it! An important insight into the teachers/librarians mutual understanding, absolutely essential - not only on the school level!  - stovokor

Edited by: stovokor - 22 September 2008
Verbal Workout for the GMAT
Verbal Workout for the GMATThe experts at The Princeton Review take the GMAT year after year to make sure you get the most up-to-date, thoroughly researched book possible. This book contains a comprehensive review of the verbal skills tested on the GMAT, as well as the techniques you'll need to succeed on the test.
The Princeton Review knows that acing the verbal sections of the GMAT is very different from earning a 4.0 in school. We don't try to teach you everything there is to know about reading, writing, and grammar--only the techniques you'll need to know to score high on the computer-adaptive GMAT. In GMAT Verbal Workout, we'll teach you how to think like the test-makers and
*Eliminate answer choices that look right but are planted to fool you
*Solve sentence correction problems by spotting key errors in the questions
*Strategically manage your time on the reading comprehension section
*Ace the writing assessment section by knowing exactly how to earn a high score
This book includes a full-length sample GMAT verbal section, plus more than 80 additional practice questions. These practice questions are just like the ones you'll see on the actual GMAT, and we fully explain every answer.
Also included are sample Analytical Writing Assessment essays and tips for ensuring that the E-rater (computer grading system) gives you a high score.
3-rd Anniversary of Englishtips - believe it or not!
altHere is the initial Russian version of the message, left on our Forum by the creators of the Site :-)
English translation below (by otherwordly)
Здравствуйте уважаемые посетители.
Пишут Вам Евгений и Катрин.
Мало кто знает, что сегодня 21 сентября можно отмечать 3 года успешной работы данного портала. Именно 3 года назад, Катрин попросила меня найти ей в сети несколько учебников английского, и я их выложил на свой блог. А потом еще и еще. А через три месяца посетители блога обратились с предложением сделать отдельный сайт. И тогда родился этот сайт.
Мы очень рады, что наше детище выросло в такого надежного и стабильного друга для многих изучающих английский. Мы рады, что вы нас поддержали и не бросили в самые трудные минуты работы сайта, а их было не мало. Мы горячо благодарны нынешнему админу, что он сдержал свое обещание, что проект не перейдет на коммерческий уровень а так и останется бесплатным порталом для студентов. Мы очень благодарны что он взял наш проект и сделал из него то, что он есть сейчас. Мы также благодарны тем людям, которые не спали ночами и вместе с нами сканировали учебники, тем педагогам, которые выкладывали свои разработки, которые присылали нам на почту гигабайты материалов и тех кто нам помогал эти гигабайты приводить в красивый удобоваримый вид. Мы поздравляем Вас от всей души. Долгих лет Вам и процветания. То что вы делаете все вместе - это чудо, это неоценимая помощь тысячам изучающих англиский по всему миру.
С днем рождения Вас!
HELLO, dear visitors...
Greetings from Katrin and Evgenyi!
As some of you may know, today we are proud to celebrate the third anniversary since the foundation date. It was three years ago that Katrin asked me to find some English textbooks. I obliged and presented them at my own blog. Then I continued searching for them. Three months later visitors of my blog asked me to launch a special project and I agreed...
This decision proved groundbreaking and gave birth to Englishtips!
We are delighted to see that our brainchild has developed into such a stable and friendly community for many students of English! We are thankful for your support in going through all hardships,and there were quite a few of them during these years.
We are very much obliged to our current admin for keeping his promise and preserving this community free and entirely non-commercial!
We are grateful to him for handling this growing community and developing it into what we can see now!
We are also grateful to all those people who spent sleepless nights, scanning books together with us, to the teachers, who made materials of their own authorship available here, who e-mailed us gigabytes of materials and to those who helped us make all this stuff user-friendly and easy to download.
So live long and prosper, Englishtips! Together we work a miracle and render an invaluable service to thousands of English learners worldwide!
Pilates Workout for Dummies - Intermediate (Video)
Pilates Workout for Dummies - Intermediate (Video)
Pilates Workout for Dummies is , ideal for both the first-time and intermediate Pilates exerciser. In the Basic Workout, well-toned instructor Michelle Dozois clearly and patiently presents 18 classic Pilates mat exercises, first demonstrating and explaining, then doing 6 to 10 repetitions.
Fundamentals of Physics - Jearl Halliday
Fundamentals of Physics - Jearl HallidayNo other book on the market today can match the 30-year success of Halliday, Resnick and Walker's Fundamentals of Physics! In a breezy, easy-to-understand style the book offers a solid understanding of fundamental physics concepts, and helps readers apply this conceptual understanding to quantitative problem solving.
Answer Key for Basic Grammar by Betty Azar
Answer Key for Basic Grammar by Betty AzarAnswer Key for Basic Grammar by Betty Azar

Здесь представлен Answer Key к книге Basic Grammar by Betty Schrampfer Azar.

Описание самой книги: "Данное учебное пособие было издано в 1996 году, но можно с уверенностью сказать, что до сих пор это один из лучших учебников для начинающих изучать английский. В начале каждого топика прилагается грмматический материал. Великолепнейшие схемы и таблицы. После грамматической части идут упражнения с интересными забавными картинками."
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