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 урсы »ностранных языков по Skype

Terrific Topics Farm
Terrific Topics FarmTerrific Topics
Includes activities in language arts, Math, Music and movement, Science, Arts and crafts, social awareness and more!
Grades pre-K-1

alt REUPLOADED by IrinaM
Words And Rules: The Ingredients Of Language
Words And Rules: The Ingredients Of LanguageWho other than MIT scientist Steven Pinker could explore a single linguistic phenomenon - the use of irregular verbs - from the vantage points of psychology, biology, history, philosophy, linguistics, and child development?In Words and Rules, Pinker answers questions about the miraculous human ability called language and does it in the gripping, witty style of his other bestsellers. As the stories unfold, the reader is immersed in the evolution of the English language over the centuries, the theories of Noam Chomsky and his critics, the simulation of neural networks on computers, the illuminating errors of children as they begin to speak, the tragic loss of language from neurological disease, and more illustrations using humorous wordplay than anyone would have thought possible. Pinker makes sense of all these phenomena with the help of a single powerful idea: that the essence of language is a mental dictionary of memorized words and a mental grammar of creative rules.Pinker is well known for his skills of explaining the art and science of language. His bestselling book How the Mind Works was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award, and was the #1 bestselling book for in 1997. His other bestseller The Language Instinct was named one of the Ten Best Books of 1994 by The New York Times Book Review and nominated for the William James Book Award by the American Psychological Association.
Negotiating Critical Literacies with Young Children
Negotiating Critical Literacies with Young ChildrenThis book presents a 'hot topic'--critical literacy--in a unique setting: a junior kindergarten....Most people, teachers in particular, think primary age kids, let alone preschoolers, are too young for this. Vivian shows not only that it can be done, but that done well (and her practice was certainly gorgeous), it promotes a depth of learning that teachers, parents, and even the kids themselves recognize....The case she makes for critical literacy being not only powerful but pleasurable and hopeful is important and often missing from other books on the subject....What an extraordinary achievement and what an extraordinary contribution to the fields of early childhood education, early literacy, and language education!
Language, Literature and Critical Practice: Ways of Analysing Text
Language, Literature and Critical Practice: Ways of Analysing Text Contemporary, philosophical, cultural, political and sociological influences have had a crucial impact on the way in which we approach and understand texts. Language, Literature and Critical Practice examines the major consequences of these influences on textual analysis and the role of language within it, and provides an overview of developments in language-centered criticism in the twentieth century.

Using a wide-ranging variety of texts, the author reviews and evaluates an equally wide-ranging variety of approaches to textual commentary, introducing the reader to the fundamental distinction between "actual" and "virtual" words in critical practice and theories of language, and elucidating the critically important practice of how texts mean.
How to Study Linguistics: A Guide to Understanding Language
How to Study Linguistics: A Guide to Understanding Language
How to Study Linguistics: A Guide to Understanding Language
This book provides an ideal introduction to those new to the subject of linguistics. It assumes no prior knowledge and is a refreshingly practical and clear guide to an often complex subject many find daunting. The book covers all the core topics of linguistic study, with chapters discussing strategies for studying phonology, syntax and semantics, as well as branches of linguistics such as sociolinguistics, stylistics and psycholinguistics.

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Literacies Across Media

Literacies Across MediaThe contemporary young reader learns from a very early age to read and interpret through a broad range of media. Literacies Across Media explores how a group of boys and girls, aged from ten to fourteen, make sense of narratives in a variety of formats, including print, electronic book, video, DVD, computer game and CD-ROM. This book records these young people over a period of eighteen months as they read, view and play different texts, demonstrating variations and consistencies of interpretative behaviour across different media.

Margaret Mackey analyses how the activities of reading, viewing and playing intertwine and affect each other's development. Her in-depth research shows young readers developing strategies for interpreting narratives through encounters with a diverse range of texts and media. The study breaks new ground in its illustration and exploration of the impact of cross-media fertilisation on how young readers come to an understanding of how to make sense of stories.

Literacies Across Media offers both a vivid account of a group of young readers coming to terms with texts and a radical perspective on the growth of a generation of young readers. It is thought-provoking, fascinating and highly informative reading not only for theoreticians interested in the reading process, but also teachers, librarians, parents and anybody involved with young people and their texts.

First Certificate Expert (New Edition 2008) Student's Resource Book with Key with Audio CD
First Certificate Expert (New Edition 2008) Student's Resource Book with Key with Audio CD
New Edition for the December 2008 exam. The expert series delivers the rigorous exam training and thorough language development that will have your high-achieving students scoring top marks every time.