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100 Greatest speeches in history- series 1: the first 10 speeches
100 Greatest speeches in history- series 1: the first 10 speeches
1 Martin Luther King, Jr. "I Have A Dream"
2 John Fitzgerald Kennedy Inaugural Address
3 Franklin Delano Roosevelt First Inaugural Address
4 Franklin Delano Roosevelt Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation
5 Barbara Charline Jordan 1976 DNC Keynote Address
6 Richard Milhous Nixon "Checkers"
7 Malcolm X "The Ballot or the Bullet"
8 Ronald Wilson Reagan Shuttle ''Challenger'' Disaster Address
9 John Fitzgerald Kennedy Houston Ministerial Association Speech
10 Lyndon Baines Johnson "We Shall Overcome"
AUDIO added  Thanks to rapgreen!
Modernism (Blackwell Guides to Criticism)
Modernism (Blackwell Guides to Criticism)This guide helps readers to engage with the major critical debates surrounding literary modernism. A judicious selection of key critical works on literary modernism .
Science Illustrated May/June 2008
Science Illustrated May/June 2008Contents: Marine Life, Paleontology, Chemistry, Computing,Crisis Prevention, Zoology,Maritime Tech,Earth In Action, Neurology and much more.
Sentimental Figures of Empire in Eighteenth-Century Britain and France
Sentimental Figures of Empire in Eighteenth-Century Britain and FranceIn this ambitious and original study, Lynn Festa examines how and why sentimental fiction became one of the primary ways of representing British and French relations with colonial populations in the eighteenth century. Drawing from novels, poetry, travel narratives, commerce manuals, and philosophical writings, Festa shows how sentimentality shaped communal and personal assertions of identity in an age of empire.
Values Education and Lifelong Learning: Principles, Policies, Programmes
Values Education and Lifelong Learning: Principles, Policies, ProgrammesThis bookprovides an easily accessible, practical yet scholarly source of information about the international concern for the nature, theory and practices of the ideas of values education and lifelong learning. Each chapteris written in an accessible style by an international expert in the field. Authors tackle the task of identifying, analysing and addressing the key problems, topics and issues relevant to questions about the nature, purpose and scope of values education and Lifelong Learning that are internationally generalisable.
Albert Camus in the 21st Century: A Reassessment of his Thinking at the Dawn of the New Millennium
Albert Camus in the 21st Century: A Reassessment of his Thinking at the Dawn of the New MillenniumIn the first decade of a new century, this collection of bilingual essays examines Camus's continuing popularity for a new generation of readers. In crucial respects, the world Camus knew has changed beyond all recognition: decolonization, the fall of the Iron Curtain, a new era of globalization and the rise of new forms of terrorism have all provoked a reconsideration of Camus's writings. If the Absurd once struck a particular chord, Meursault is as likely now to be seen as a colonial figure who expresses the alienation of the settler from the land of his birth.
A Concise Companion to Modernism (Concise Companions to Literature and Culture)
A Concise Companion to Modernism (Concise Companions to Literature and Culture)This concise Companion offers an innovative approach to understanding the Modernist literary mind in Britain, focusing on the intellectual and cultural contexts, which shaped it.