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Writing in 15 Minutes a Day (Junior Skill Builders) (2008)
Writing in 15 Minutes a Day (Junior Skill Builders) (2008)With Writing in 15 Minutes a Day, middle school students build tremendous writing and communication skills. Lessons progress in difficulty so the students broaden their understanding of the concepts, and learns by example rather than memorization. Whether they need to catch up on basic writing skills, prepare for a standardized test, essay assignment, classroom exam, or creative writing project, this book guides the student to success.
Word Power in 15 Minutes a Day (Junior Skill Builders) (2009)
Word Power in 15 Minutes a Day (Junior Skill Builders) (2009)It's true: Building your vocabulary doesn't have to take a long time - and it doesn't have to be laborious! In just 15 minutes a day, students can add an impressive number of words to their repertoire, which sets them on a course toward success for the rest of their lives. How? Short, easy-to-understand lessons and fun factoids drawn from popular TV, music, sports, movies, and more make learning new words a pleasure rather than a chore. Most lessons are reinforced by sample questions for students to try on their own, with clear, step-by-step techniques for retaining information throughout.
Reading in 15 Minutes a Day (Junior Skill Builders) (2008)
Reading in 15 Minutes a Day (Junior Skill Builders) (2008)This guide helps the middle school student develop critical reading skills. The material is age-appropriate, high interest, and challenging, yet reader-friendly. Students who need a speedy solution to their reading woes will benefit from the practice exercises with fun memory coaching and shortcuts. As training progresses, the lessons build off previous instruction to deepen the student's comprehension and confidence. Use this tool to strengthen basic reading skills, reading comprehension, or to prepare for standardized tests or oral reading exams.
Grammar in 15 Minutes a Day (Junior Skill Builders) (2008)
Grammar in 15 Minutes a Day (Junior Skill Builders) (2008)Middle school students who need to improve their grammar skills can use this guide for 15 minutes a day to master parts of speech, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and more - in only one month! The pretest, posttest, glossary, and practice exercises help students score high on their next standardized test, classroom exam, or writing project.
The Soviet Mind
The Soviet MindIsaiah Berlin’s response to the Soviet Union was central to his identity, both personally and intellectually. Born a Russian subject in Riga in 1909, he spoke Russian as a child and witnessed both revolutions in St. Petersburg in 1917, emigrating to the West in 1921. He first returned to Russia in 1945, when he met the writers Anna Akhmatova and Boris Pasternak. These formative encounters helped shape his later work, especially his defense of political freedom and his studies of pre-Soviet Russian thinkers.
Большой англо-русский фразеологический словарь
Большой англо-русский фразеологический словарьСловарь содержит около 20 тыс. фразеологических единиц. Включены все широко употребительные в английском языке фразеологизмы.
Словарь снабжен многочисленными иллюстрациями из произведений английских и американских классиков и современных писателей с указанием автора и произведения.
The Ashley book of knots by Charles Warren Ashley

The Ashley book of knots by Charles Warren AshleyThis is book about making more than 40 types of knots, invaluable source for everyone who wants to become a sailor or just to learn how to tie the knot on 41 way.

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