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 урсы »ностранных языков по Skype

Uncle Vanya (Webster's Spanish Thesaurus Edition)
Uncle Vanya (Webster's Spanish Thesaurus Edition)This edition is written in English. However, there is a running Spanish thesaurus at the bottom of each page for the more difficult English words highlighted in the text.

From Wikipedia:

Uncle Vanya (Russian: ƒ€д€ ¬ан€ – Dyadya Vanya) is a tragicomedy by the Russian playwright Anton Chekhov published in 1899.

Uncle Vanya is thematically preoccupied with what might sentimentally be called the wasted life, and a survey of the characters and their respective miseries will make this clear. Admittedly, however, it remains somewhat difficult to organize these concepts into a coherent theme as they belong more to the play's "nastroenie," its melancholic mood or atmosphere, than to a distinct program of ideas.
Japanese Mythology A to Z
Japanese Mythology A to Z
With more than 600 entries on topics of interest to young readers, this is a comprehensive reference to the major figures, places, stories, objects and themes in the most popular legends and folktales from Japan.
Mind Boggling Pocket Puzzles
Mind Boggling Pocket PuzzlesThis is the perfect book if you have ever wanted to amuse, amaze or simply astound your friends with mind boggling tricks involving coins, matchsticks and other everyday objects. A cleverly thought-out book that allows what may appear simple problems to solve suddenly become extremley frustrating. As with most of these things, the answer is simple when you know how, and seemingly impossible if you don't! Over fifty puzzles are fully illustrated with solutions in the back if needed.
Writing a Report: How to Prepare, Write and Present Really Effective Reports
Writing a Report: How to Prepare, Write and Present Really Effective ReportsNow in its 8th edition, this extensively revised and updatedhandbook explains how you can write reports that will be:A* Read without unnecessary delayA* Understood without undue effortA* Accepted, and where applicable, acted uponDivided into three parts, the book looks in detail firstly at thepractical side of report writing:A* Preparation and planningA* Collecting and handling informationA* Writing and revisingSecondly, at the creative side of report writing:A* Achieving a good style and choosing the right wordsAnd thirdly at 23 common types of report, including:A* Annual reportsA* Appraisal reportsA* Audit reportsA*
When Critical Thinking Met English Literature: A Resource Book for Teachers and Their Students
When Critical Thinking Met English Literature: A Resource Book for Teachers and Their StudentsThis book gives teachers of English Literature an engaging new way into texts, using the skills and approaches of A level Critical Thinking. It also provides teachers of Critical Thinking with useful and stimulating resources with which to practise the skills required at A level. It will also help teachers looking for ways to engage students not drawn to literature, and any teacher trying to improve the analytical skills of their English students. Topics Include- Critical Thinking does poetry - with a little help from John Donne, Andrew Marvell and Philip Larkin - Much Ado About...the credibility of evidence- Hamlet, Cathy and Catherine try to resolve dilemmas; - Isabella, Angelo and Iago compete for the highest marks in Critical Thinking- What's the difference between a metaphor and a lie?- First person narration: who can we trust? Based on practical experience, this book explores the interface between two apparently polarised subjects, one analytical and objective, the other traditionally in the aesthetic and affective domain; one eschewing ambiguity, the other celebrating it. The progeny of this unlikely coupling provides teachers and students of each subject with a stimulating, exciting and unifying way of enhancing their learning.
Algebra Can Be Fun
altFrom the Author's Preface to the Third Edition

This is not an easy-reading text on algebra for beginners. Neither is it a manual. It is a book for free reading. It is designed for a reader with some knowledge of algebra, even though half mastered and perhaps half forgotten. The present text hopes to help the reader recall such haphazard knowledge and polish it up, the aim being to fix certain facts in his mind. It is meant to develop in the reader a taste for algebra and problem-solving, and also excite him to dip into algebra textbooks and fill in the blanks in his knowledge.

To make the subject more attractive I have made use of a variety of tools: problems with intriguing plots to excite
the reader's curiosity, amusing excursions into the history of mathematics, unexpected uses that algebra is put to in everyday affairs, and more.
Statistical Methods in Medical Research (February 2009, Volume 18, No. 1 )

Statistical Methods in Medical Research (February 2009, Volume 18, No. 1 )Statistical Methods in Medical Research is a highly ranked, peer reviewed scholarly journal and is the leading vehicle for review articles in all the main areas of medical statistics and therefore an essential reference for all medical statisticians. It is particularly useful for medical researchers dealing with data and provides a key resource for medical and statistical libraries, as well as pharmaceutical companies.

This unique journal is devoted solely to statistics and medicine and aims to keep professionals abreast of the many powerful statistical methods now available to the medical profession. As new methods are constantly adopted by statisticians working both inside and outside the medical environment, this review journal aims to satisfy the increasing demand for accurate and up-to-the-minute information.