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Pitch and throw, grasp and know: What is a synonym?

Pitch and thrown, grasp and know: What is a synonym?Pitch and thrown, grasp and know: What is a synonym?

Grade 2-4–With their comical cartoon characters and Seussian rhymes, Cleary and Gable have already claimed their niche for providing grammar instruction in a clear, lighthearted manner. Useful for introductory lessons on the topic, this book will help teachers to model better writing and to demonstrate the value of an expanded vocabulary.

Translating and interpreting conflict

Translating and interpreting conflictTranslating and interpreting conflict

The relationship between translation and conflict is highly relevant in today’s globalised and fragmented world, and this is attracting increased academic interest. This collection of essays was inspired by the first international conference to directly address the translator and interpreter’s involvement in situations of military and ideological conflict, and its representation in fiction.
Business Grammar Builder

Business Grammar BuilderBusiness Grammar Builder

A grammar reference and practice book, accompanied by an audio CD, for students studying Business English at intermediate to higher level.


Scripted Fantasy in the Classroom

Scripted Fantasy in the Classroom

Many teachers have tried simple relaxation techniques in their classrooms and been surprised by their success. This step by step guide to the technique of scripted fantasy shows how the forces of the imagination can be harnessed to improve the social skills and classroom performance of students of all ages and all abilities. It gives advice on how to organise the classroom for fantasy work, on how to guide students in sharing their fantasy experiences through discussion, written work, and art, and on the results that can be obtained outside the formal classroom setting in work with students with learning difficulties...
A Handbook for the Art and Science of Teaching

A Handbook for the Art and Science of Teaching

"Implementing the action steps from ASCD's best-seller The Art and Science of Teaching is much easier when you use this in-depth resource for workshops, professional learning communities, teacher training, and self-help. Hundreds of samples, guidelines, checklists, and activities help teachers in all grades and subjects become instant experts on Robert Marzano's breakthrough framework for effective instruction. A series of 25 modules equips any classroom teacher with a logical planning sequence that ensures you establish learning goals and track progress...

55 Teaching Dilemmas: Ten Powerful Solutions to Almost Any Classroom Challenge

55 Teaching Dilemmas: Ten Powerful Solutions to Almost Any Classroom Challenge

To teach with excellence demands more than strategies and techniques. The most successful teachers draw on their personal power—their confidence, compassion, and empathy, and their professional power—their ability to lead, instruct, and inspire their students to do their best. With practice, most teachers can develop the skills they need to conquer almost any classroom challenge.

Introduction To Rubrics: An Assessment Tool To Save Grading Time, Convey Effective Feedback and Promote Student Learning

ntroduction To Rubrics: An Assessment Tool To Save Grading Time, Convey Effective Feedback and Promote Student Learningntroduction To Rubrics: An Assessment Tool To Save Grading Time, Convey Effective Feedback and Promote Student Learning

Research shows that rubrics save professors’ time while conveying meaningful and timely feedback for students, and promoting self-regulated and independent learning. The reason rubrics are little used in higher education is that few faculty members have been exposed to their use.