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Frommer's-Caribbean Ports Of Call

Frommer's-Caribbean Ports Of CallThe ship is only half of the cruise experience--the other half is the time you spend ashore. Frommer's Caribbean Ports of Call offers the most complete guide to all the ports, with a critical, insider's look at all the organized shore excursions offered by the cruise lines themselves, Since it usually makes more sense to explore on your own, we'll take you to all the best beaches, golf, water sports, shopping, dining, and casinos--the attractions and activities that can easily fit into your limited time, starting from the cruise docks. You may only have a few hours, but we'll make sure you know exactly how to hit the highlights on your own. You'll also get a complete rundown of all the major ports of embarkation and maps of each destination.

The Chocolate Tree: A Mayan Folktale
The Chocolate Tree: A Mayan FolktaleEver wonder where chocolate came from? We have the Mayan king Kukulkбn to thank. Kukulkбn is more than a king—he is also a god. One day he brings his people an amazing gift: a chocolate tree! But there is just one problem. Kukulkбn’s brother, Night Jaguar, doesn’t want regular people to have chocolate. He thinks only gods should eat the tempting treat. Will Night Jaguar prevail? Or will the Mayans get to keep their chocolate tree?

Reading Level: Grade 3†† Ages: 7-10
A Day at an Airport
A Day at an AirportTickets please! Final boarding call! Check out these eight action-packed scenes to see what happens during a full day at a busy airport. In each picture, the airport buzzes with activity. Workers chase dogs and check luggage. Travelers shop and sleep. Famous people come and go. Keep your eye on the clock too. By spending a whole day in the same place, you can watch events unfold from morning to night.

Reading Level: Grade 2†† Ages: 5-9
ELT Journal October 2008

ELT Journal October 2008

ELT Journal is a quarterly publication for all those involved in the field of teaching English as a second or foreign language.

Pocket Atlas of Nutrition

Pocket Atlas of NutritionAfter 30 years of advice to eat low fat, the United States, followed closely by many other, mostly but not exclusively, industrialized nations, is witnessing an unprecedented epidemic increase in obesity and diabetes, to name just two.

The cost of these developments to the individual and to society is enormous, and the projected cost for the future staggering. It is evident that the increase in obesity and diabetes is strongly related to faulty nutrition.

Proper nutrition is probably the most effective and cost-effective prevention for these and many other diseases, including most cancers.

It should be clear to anyone by now that proper nutrition involves much more than having three meals a day. The written media abound with nutritional advice and information. Many books promote often extremely controversial guidelines for weight loss and better health. Frequently, articles and books are based on unproven assumptions, anecdotal evidence, or single scientific studies that seem to point in one or the other direction. The reader who tries to make sense of it all tends to be utterly confused.

Yet, even though nutritional science is relatively young, it is a hard science and many aspects have been thoroughly researched. Our knowledge of other aspects, such as the functions and effects of many secondary phytochemicals, or the multiple interactions between many body chemicals during nutrition-related metabolism, is evolving continually. Nutritional science is an interdisciplinary endeavor based on chemistry, biology, physiology, and anatomy, which are often hard to understand and even harder to present in a condensed, easy to assimilate fashion.

Effective English for Kids

Effective English for Kids

Here you see is Effective-English, a great and easy way to learn the Basics of English from a native English speaker. All elements in this program are designed to make you think and understand better, without being consciously aware of learning them.

* Essential literacy and numeric skills. Features up to 160 various items to learn. There are great pictures, which help describe the words you are learning.
* Help is available in both English and Korean.
* Proper speech of the Words and Alphabet from native speaker.
* There are a variety of fun exercises, which focus on words and spelling along with word and picture association. Build up a catalog of essential words as well as learning sentences to use them.
* Ability to learn and hear the Alphabet. Examples of words with pictures are given.
* Learn to write the Alphabet in both “UPPERCASE” and “lowercase ” characters to show how to write them correctly.
* There are two languages, British English and American English.

I Love English Junior Nº 2 (BOOK + AUDIO)
I Love English Junior Nº 2 (BOOK + AUDIO)Interactive, fun and effective, I Love English Junior ticks all the boxes for English Foreign Language programmes, (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) all the while offering a moment of recreation for both students and teachers.

This method has been tested and approved by school teachers and teaching advisors. It focuses on listening and speaking.
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