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101 More Life Skills Games for Children: Learning, Growing, Getting Along
101 More Life Skills Games for Children: Learning, Growing, Getting AlongDrawing on almost 30 years of teaching experience, the author has created games based on cooperation and competition between young people and their social attitudes and perceptions. Educators, parents, and therapists can use these games to help children deal with the problems and questions of adolescence. The games tackle issues such as learning patience, self-confidence, love, and respect in fun and creative ways. They also teach children how to deal with aggression, have good boundaries, and be fair.
We Now Know: Rethinking Cold War History

We Now Know: Rethinking Cold War HistoryThis brilliant study -- Gaddis' fifth book on the Cold War -- provides an exhaustive and ever-quizzical approach to the early years of the superpower conflict. Gaddis has a knack for asking large and interesting questions, and he brings a lively style to his answers. Despite the promise of startling revelations from newly opened archives, what "we now know" turns out to bear an uncanny resemblance to what we thought then; never has "post-revisionism" seemed so indistinguishable from the original orthodoxy. is the first site and the only one for now that provides this book for free. Only text. 296 pages

Edited by: Alexiurs - 5 December 2009
Reason: a small mistake

The Trainer's Handbook
The Trainer's HandbookHighly accessible and comprehensive, The Trainer′s Handbook includes tips on assessing the needs of participants, ideas for keeping training sessions learner–centered, suggestions for incorporating activities into training, guidelines for selecting effective audiovisual aids, and proven techniques for closing sessions creatively. The book explains the entire training process from start to finish. It is filled with worksheets, checklists, and assessments that can be designed to meet any facilitator′s particular training needs.
Curious Folks Ask: 162 Real Answers on Amazing Inventions, Fascinating Products, and Medical Mysteries
Curious Folks Ask: 162 Real Answers on Amazing Inventions, Fascinating Products, and Medical MysteriesInquiring minds want to know. What’s the big deal about low-carb diets? What causes muscle aches when you get the flu? How did the ancient Egyptians build the Giza Pyramids?

These are some of the 162 questions compiled in this science Q&A anthology. It’s all here: the myths, mysteries, oddities, familiar but strange, everyday to exotic. Each answer succinctly synthesizes the current state of a body of research so that you can answer the “whys” of a child in your life, captivate people at cocktail parties, or just satisfy your own inquiring mind.
How to be an Effective Group Leader

How to be an Effective Group LeaderArmed with Bill Schul-s guidance, even the shyest person can become a powerful and effective leader. Learn goal-setting methods, keys for maximizing group participation, and the do's and don-ts of leadership. This how-to also covers the best ways to establish your group-s atmosphere and tips for holding productive meetings. Whether you-re in a leadership role now or expect to attain one, this straightforward text will help you achieve your ambitions. Plus, the information is equally valid for social, civic, government and business organizations

Formative Assessment: Improving Learning In Secondary Classrooms

Formative Assessment: Improving Learning In Secondary Classrooms


This study features a collection of eight case studies of exemplary cases from secondary schools as well as international literature reviews and policy analysis related to formative assessment – the frequent assessments of student progress to identify learning needs and shape teaching.  It examines such issues as benefits and barriers for using formative assessment, policy frameworks and implications, and formative assessment in practice.  Achievement gains attributed to formative assessment are reported as being quite high,...

New LetТs Learn ENGLISH 2 (Activity Book)

New LetТs Learn ENGLISH 2 (Activity Book)
New Let's Learn English 2 takes a communicative and topic-based approach to language learning over six levels. It combines a clear 3-step methodology with clear language focus and motivating activities that get students using English confidently. Students learn through a variety of tasks including pairwork, projects, games, acting and songs.