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David W. McFadden, Why Are You So Sad

David W. McFadden, Why Are You So SadDavid W. McFadden, Why Are You So Sad

David W. McFadden's life in Canadian poetry has spanned five decades, and he's still going strong. This selection from his career to date brings back into print many of the greatest poems from nearly two dozen books. McFadden is that rare and precious breed of artist: He is both a poet's poet and a people's poet.
David McFadden is the author of many poetry, fiction, and travel books. He lives in Toronto.
American Landlord: Everything U Need to Know... about Property Management

American Landlord: Everything U Need to Know... about Property ManagementAmerican Landlord: Everything U Need to Know... about Property Management

The Definitive Guide for Every Landlord
Whether you just have an extra room to rent or a growing rental empire, you still need reliable information and expert advice to make sure you do it right. Drawn from years of experience helping thousands of landlords, American Landlord leads everyone from the new landlord to the old pro through all the ins and outs of property management.
Cupid's Handmade Crafts eBook

Cupid's Handmade Crafts eBookCupid's Handmade Crafts eBook

Prepare for a day of fun and romance with over 30 cute Valentine's Day ideas for accessories, home decor, gifts, cards and kids crafts.


Valentine's Day

Valentine's DayValentine's Day

What is Valentine's Day? How did Valentine's Day begin? Who was Saint Valentine? What did people believe about Valentine's Day? How has Valentine's Day changed? What are some signs of Valentine's Day? What is the story of Valentine cards
Chien-Shiung Wu: Pioneering Nuclear Physicist

Chien-Shiung Wu: Pioneering Nuclear PhysicistChien-Shiung Wu: Pioneering Nuclear Physicist

Born in China in 1912, Chien-shiung Wu came to the United States to study physics at the University of California at Berkeley. A meticulous researcher, she joined her former professor, Dr. Oppenheimer, on the Manhattan Project to find ways to produce radioactive uranium for the atomic bomb and improve radioactive detectors.
Niels Bohr: Atomic Theorist (Makers of Modern Science)

Niels Bohr: Atomic Theorist (Makers of Modern Science)Niels Bohr: Atomic Theorist (Makers of Modern Science)

"Niels Bohr, Revised Edition" delves into the life and work of the founder of the modern atomic theory, highlighting his research on the atom and its structure, the subsequent development of the nuclear age, and his efforts to use his influence to promote peace. 
Jonas Salk: Beyond the Microscope

Jonas Salk: Beyond the MicroscopeJonas Salk: Beyond the Microscope

"Jonas Salk, Revised Edition" describes this respected immunologist's medical research and his lifelong efforts to promote scientific and human progress on a global scale. By chronicling Salk's story and his fight against polio, this engrossing book shows how scientists build upon the achievements of others while bringing their own perspective to the challenges they face in the laboratory and in the field.