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How Its Made (Season 9)


Season 9, Episode 1: Solid Tires/Cheesecake/Canoe Paddles/Globes 
Season 9, Episode 2: Boomerangs/Barbecues/Pinball Machines/Strobe Lights 
Season 9, Episode 3: Wooden Bowls/Chainsaws/Stackable Potato Chips/Jet Compressor Blades 
Season 9, Episode 4: Steel Wool/Ranges/Carved Candles/Slot Machines 
Season 9, Episode 5: CCD Semiconductors/Airline Meals/Paper Cups/Trumpets 
Season 9, Episode 6: Padlocks/Hair Clippers/Wooden Shoes/Synthetic Leather 
Season 9, Episode 7: Racing Shells/Stainless Steel Sinks/Leather/Pedal Steel Guitar 
Season 9, Episode 8: Swords/Pontoons/Grandfather Clocks/Fuses 
Season 9, Episode 9: Bumpers/Lighting Gels & Camera Filters/Steam-Powered Models/Candy Cane 
Season 9, Episode 10: Umbrellas/Outboard Motors/Silver Cutlery/Tape Measures 
Season 9, Episode 11: Scalpels/Oil Paints/British Police Helmets/Ice Axes 
Season 9, Episode 12: Bacon/Snowblowers/Luxury Cars 
Season 9, Episode 13: Automatic Transmissions/Silver Miniatures/Hot Air Balloon Baskets/Darts

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