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The Cold War, 1945Ц1991, Second Edition


Michael Dockrill's concise study of the early years of the Cold War between the Western Powers and Soviet Union has been widely acclaimed as an authoritative guide to the subject. In this second edition, he and Michael Hopkins bring the story up to the events of 1991, and also expand coverage of key topics.



Introduction * Definitions * The historical debate and documentary sources * Origins, 1917-1945 * The Cold War Emerges, 1946-1952 * Global Stakes, 1953-1961 * From Crisis to Détente, 1961-68: Kennedy Becomes President * The Cold War Declines, 1969-1976 * The Demise of Détente and the New Cold War, 1977-1985 * Renewed Détente and the End of the Cold War, 1985-1991 * Postscript: the Fall of Yugoslavia * Conclusion * Explaining the emergence of the cold war * Explaining its duration * Phases of confrontation * Significance * Legacy * Index

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