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Say it Right + (2008-2010)


Lifeguards from errors in the English language, the program is "Say it Right +". Do you have problems with English grammar? Do you have questions about the style of English? Then you need emergency medical care. Then there is help for you. It's our "grammatical nurses". They  will put you on your feet.


List of videocasts:

1. Trainee-trainer; Homework-housework; In the red; Out of the blue; Tickled pink; Slow food movement
2. Horrible-horrible; Terrible-terrific; Like two peas in a pod; Two's company, three's a crowd; One in a million; To put two and two together; ASAP
3. Between-among; Bad-badly; A laugh a minute; Like clockwork; In the nick of time; Ivy league
4. Complement - compliment; Device - devise; To take smb under one's wing; Goose bumps; To chicken out; Mouse potato.
5. Take care-take care of; Put up-put up with; Bookworm; Teacher's pet; As easy as ABC; Freak
6. Then-than; Along-alone; To go on a blind date; To find Mr Right; Snail mail
7. To hear-to listen; To wait-to await; To give smb. a leg-up; To be on one's last leg; To pull somebody's leg; To shed crocodile tears
8. Human-humane; Hospitable-hostile; Law-abiding citizen; To have a brush with the law; To lay down the law; Melting pot
9. Imagination-fantasy; Figure-comlexion; To pick someone's brain; Brainstorming; Brain teaser; Wired to be wired
10. Perspective - prospective; Morning - mourning; To play with a full deck; Poker face; To play your cards right; Limeys.
11. Wish-hope; Home-house; To have ants in one's pants; To keep one's shirt on; To be in smb's shoes; Money Laundering
12. Personal - personnel; Sensible - sensitive; Body and soul; In the flesh; Not to have a mean bone in one's body; Peeps.
13. Accident-incident; Affect-effect; On one's mind; To lose one's mind; Frame of mind; Wannabe
14. Lonely-alone; To learn-to study; To be like a kid in a candy store; child's play; To sleep like a baby; Cheeseheads
15. Fruit-fruits; desert-dessert; to play ball; To call the shots; Ballpark figure; Awesome
16. It's -its; Holy cow! (as) nervous as a cat; To run around like a chiken with its head cut off; Uncle Sam.
17. Economical-economic; Conditioning-conditioner; To work for peanuts; To cost a pretty penny; To hit the jackpot; Spam
18. Mouse-mice; Person(s)-people(s); By heart; To have one's heart set on; To have a change of heart; At heart; To think outside the box
19. To critique – to criticize; To attain – to obtain; To paint the town red; To send in the clowns; Motley crew.
20. Phenomenon-phenomena; Datum-data; Party animal; The life and soul of the party; To cut a rag; Big cheese.
27. Change-switch; To turn the other cheek; The apple of one's eye; By the skin of your teeth; John Doe
31. Stationary-stationery; Accept-Except; A bitter pill; To have a sweet tooth; To be on everyone's lips; Yankee
36. Journey-trip-expedition-voyage; The early bird catches the worm; A chicken and the egg situation; Bogof
43. Access-excess; Discreet-discrete; To be in the market for smth; To mean business; To have one's work cut out (for one); Sacred cow
46. How do you do?-How are you?; Couch potato; To be a piece of cake; To eat crow; Groundhog Day
48. Fee-fare; Satisfactory-satisfying; To have one's head in the clouds; On cloud nine; Every cloud has a silver lining; Throwaway society



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