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Language, Culture, and Teaching: Critical Perspectives, Second Edition (Language, Culture, and Teaching Series)


Nieto’s first edition of Language, Culture, and Teaching: Critical Perspectives presented needed insight into the sociocultural and sociopolitical significance of language and culture in teaching and learning. This second edition illustrates much of what has changed as well as what has endured regarding language, culture, and teaching.  As a means of keeping pace with current trends and issues, over fifty percent new material addresses  education and policy concerns for language learners, multicultural educators, teachers, and everyone with a cultural background. What has endured is the necessity of respecting the significance of language and culture in the education of all students.  Texts that examine issues of language and culture are prone to oversimplifying key concepts, promoting deficit views, under-representing the sociopolitical contexts, or providing theories untethered from practice. None of these are the case with Nieto’s book. This book is about advancing a critical perspective—filling a critical need at a critical time in the areas of language, literacy, culture, and education.

Nieto’s text is presented in four parts, totaling fifteen chapters. Each part begins with an introduction connecting what follows. Each chapter starts with a preamble that functions as a place to update its current relevance and introduce the content of the chapter, which is often a previously published article. All chapters end with references, critical questions, activities for classroom, community-based advocacy activities, and supplementary resources for further reflection and study.

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