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Rapid Review of English Grammar


by Jean Praninskas ... Rapid Review of English Grammar is not a text for beginners. Neither is it "intermediate" or "advanced." It is a remedial text, designed for students whose knowledge of English is ex­tensive but imperfect when they come to the United States to study in our colleges and universi­ties. It is intended mainly for students who need English as a tool, rather than for those who plan to specialize in the language or to teach it.

In the 24 lessons, which can be mastered in one semester of intensive study, Rapid Review of English Grammar includes all of the inflectional forms, all of the basic word-order patterns of American-English sentences, and many of the more difficult uses of function words.1 The material is presented in the form of an integrated course. The first few lessons deal with the simplest, most basic statement and question patterns. In later lessons it is shown how these basic patterns are combined and/or rearranged to produce longer, more complex sentences which express relationships between ideas. Some of the more difficult aspects of the language, such as the use of the definite article, the choice of prepositions, idioms, and two-word verbs are introduced in the early lessons, explained in greater detail in later ones, and reviewed to­ward the end of the course. A complete index is included for those who do not need to study the course but wish to use the book as a reference grammar.

Several of the lessons include sections headed "Pronunciation Helps." It should be clearly understood that these are in no way intended to substitute for a systematic treatment of the pro­nunciation of English. They serve merely to indicate, for both teacher and student, the points of the lesson at which many students have pronunciation difficulty.

The advice to the student, in each case, is to imitate the pronunciation of his instructor, who is presumably a native speaker of American English. Students who have difficulty understanding and making themselves under­stood will require specialized training in the sound, rhythm, and intonation patterns of the lan­guage. That training is beyond the scope of this course.


1 The term function word as used in this book applies to articles, prepositions, certain types of adverbs, conjunctions, modal auxiliaries, impersonal it, and the expletive there

This coursebook has 310 pages, it's divided into 24 lesssons + 4 appendixes. Everything is explained in plain English, with illustrations that are really helpful. Maybe some rules have changed but when published it was the most contemporary Grammar ever. Starts with present forms or verb TO BE, than goes wth verb DO, ing Forms and Present Continious, Time, Place and frequency, Numbers, Future, Past Forms, USED TO, HAVE TO and IT, Compound Sentences, Past Continuous, Modal Auxiliaries, Modifiers, Infinitive, Questions with HOW, The Uses of ing-forms, Clauses, The Causative Verbs, The Conditional, The Passive Voice, Present Perfect Tense, Past Perfect Tense, Future Perfect Tense, Summary, Appendix 1-4, Index

Year 1959 edition, 15th printing

ENGLISHTIPS_Admin: I asked you about this book a long time ago, a year or maybe more, and lot of things had happened in my life since. Finally made it to upload it.

Dedicated to englishcology - EC, my sincere supporter

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