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Quick Chinese Vegetarian Cooking Recipes


I love cooking, and I love to eat.  Cooking is my passion – it is my life.

You must enjoy cooking too. Otherwise you wouldn’t have downloaded this trial version with  the sample authentic Chinese vegetarian recipes for you to try out!


Each section starts off with 1 or 2 recipes for you to try out, and following are  some pictures and descriptions of just a few of the
recipes you will see in the full book. 

Usually, when you hear the word ‘vegetarian’ you probably think of ‘boring’ and ‘bland’. The truth is, most people’s impression of vegetarian diet is boring and tasteless.

Not so! Being a vegetarian, or just interested in vegetarian foods, none of it has to be even a little bit boring. I challenge that after experiencing some of the delicious Chinese vegetarian recipes in this book, you’ll prove them wrong.

It is a known fact that Chinese ancient dieticians and health experts preach eating a vegetarian diet, which improves one‘s health, and prolongs life.

Vegetables are one of the most important food groups in your diet, and it rightfully should be so. To achieve growth, improve health, prevent sickness, and improve life span, you have to eat vegetables.  You just can’t do without.

Think about it,  in a normal person’s life span, he/she will consume vegetables more than any other type of food.

Chinese ancient doctor Sung Shi Mao lived for 101 years, and in his writings, he documents the benefits of eating more vegetables
and less meats. “Eat less meat, more vegetables. Eat less candy, and more fruits.”

You should know that a vegetarian diet is not only for vegetarians. It’s  become more of a health and long life regime for many people. Many people are   vegetarians for religious reasons, and even more people choose to be vegetarians for health and personal wellness reasons.
Vegetarianism has been practiced through centuries, and now science proves that eating more vegetables and less meat is key to
better health, and longer life span.

Vegetables do not have the fat and the cholesterol that meat does.

Whereas the fat and cholesterol from meats collect in your body, many vegetables ‘cleanse’ your body.

What are some of the benefits of eating lots of vegetables?
Vegetables help prevent diseases, and sickness; lowers blood cholesterol and blood pressure; keeps your kidney healthy, and improves fluid discharge; 

supplements your body with vitamins, sodium, calcium, iron, proteins, carbohydrates, and so much more.

In a nutshell: vegetables improve your health, and prevent sicknesses.

This recipe book makes plenty use of all types of vegetables such as broccoli, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, squash, eggplants, and much more. There are many varieties of vegetables that are very popular in  Chinese cooking, for example, cabbage, Yu-choy, and bitter melon. If you’re ever unsure of what ingredients are that’s being used in a dish, refer to my Szechuan cooking ingredients book that comes 
with the purchased cookbook package. The purpose of my Chinese recipe book is more than just to show
you how to cook the common vegetables. You are going to totally spice up your diet with my recipes!


Sick of eating steamed vegetables time after time? Tired of making the same old meals?

Make things exciting and fun, and explore vegetarian cooking with the recipes in this book.

Don’t think that ‘meat’ can’t be part of your vegetarian diet!  Even if you’re just interested in vegetarian dishes, you can make your own ‘meat’.
You hear me! “Make your own meat!”

I will show you the traditional Chinese way of making vegetarian meat. The possibilities are endless after you learn how!          You can 
make Kung Po Chicken, Soft Blow Kidney, Sweet and Sour Chicken, and so much more.

Learn and digest the recipes in this book. Then get creative, make your own dishes, and really explore vegetarian cooking.

Make vegetarian wontons, dine on vegetarian spring rolls, what  you can do is endless!

You should know that cooking is very subjective, sort of like philosophy, where there isn’t right or wrong. Do not treat it like math, where everything has to be exact, and 1 is 1 or 2 is 2.

When you’re creating or cooking your own dishes, be fluid, and be open-minded. The recipes I provide you with are a guideline 
to help you discover true Chinese vegetarian cooking.

It is no means to constrict you to the exact recipes. Cook by feel, and by your senses. Trust your judgment.

You should know that when I cook, it’s all about cooking by feel and sense. I never or rarely measure out exactly the ingredients,
the spices, and the seasonings. Every dish is different. Even if you’re cooking the exactly the same dish, they could turn out into
very different tasting dishes.

If a recipe says use 1 teaspoon of salt - sure use 1 teaspoon - but what if your ingredients were of differing amounts? 

What if you accidentally added in too much water, or too much salt, or too much sugar?

Note: I use grams as measurement in this book.   If you wish to convert   into   ounces,   1ounce   equals   28.5grams.  

For example, a piece of tofu weighing 175grams is equal to 175/28.5  = 6.14ounces.

What I’m getting at is that cooking is an art, and therefore, it should never be rigid. Add a little more salt if you need to, or if 
it’s too salty, you can add a little more water, sugar, or vinegar.

You be the judge.

People make the mistake of following recipes from others whole-heartedly, and they miss out on all the excitement of creating new
and different variations, and even totally new dishes!

Many of the recipes in this  book, I learned from somewhere during my many years of cooking.  In the end, I never follow the original instructions. Changes are made, for better or worse, and in most cases, for the better.

When I cook the same dish twice, it’ll never taste exactly the same. Cook at your will. There are so many types of spices, seasonings, and ingredients out there you can use. The possibilities are endless. I can’t stress that enough. I will not take offense if you do NOT follow my recipes completely – I encourage it!

Enjoy cooking, and explore.

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