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Discovery - MythBusters - Season 07 (VIDEO)


 Discovery - MythBusters - Season 07


Follow the MythBusters in these episodes, as they debunk, decode and demystify some of the most popular urban myths and legends. Using modern-day science, they put each myth to the test, separating the real from the really out there.


Demolition Derby

Is Keanu Reeve's iconic motoring movie Speed just fake film physics? Will a car dropped from 4,000 feet fall faster than a speeding car? Is the compact conundrum of a two-truck head-on collision a myth?


Alaska Special 2

Is Pykrete really tougher than concrete? Is it durable enough to make a boat out of? Can a V-shaped snowplow really split a car in two?


Banana Slip/Double-Dip

Can a banana peel really cause one to slip? Does double dipping cause germ warfare? And can the build team really make a homemade diamond?


YouTube Special

Do match heads alone have the explosive punch to fire a homemade cannon? Can a 7-foot ball of Lego blocks become a rolling weapon of mass destruction?


Swimming in Syrup

Is it really possible to swim just as fast in syrup as in water? Could MacGyver truly have blown a steel door in a cargo ship by packing the lock with gun powder and setting off the blast with a gun handle?


Exploding Bumper

Car bumpers are meant for protection, but could they become deadly and explode? Is it true that Hungarian archers got twice the penetration shooting a bow from a galloping horse?


Seesaw Saga

Could a sky diver whose parachute failed to open hit a playground seesaw and send a small girl flying seven stories high? All FIVE MythBusters test this myth together.


Thermite vs. Ice

See what happens when you combine thermite, a chemical that burns at almost 2,000 degrees, with ice. It's not what you would expect! Could a huge stereo system set off a rifle with its vibrations?


Prison Escape

Is it possible to cling to the roof of a speeding and swerving car like in the action movies? Can jailbirds use dental floss to cut through solid steel bars? Buster gets put to the test in a cannonball escape.


Curving Bullets

Can a sonic shock wave shatter glass? Is it possible for bullets to bend around obstacles with a side arm flick of the wrist?


Car vs. Rain

If you're out for a spin in your convertible and it starts raining, can you stay dry by simply driving faster? Could popcorn be cooked by a laser or an explosion?


Knock Your Socks Off

If one bullet is fired and another is dropped simultaneously from the same height, will they both hit the ground at the same time? Is it possible to knock someone out of their socks literally?


Duct Tape Hour

It's all about duct tape! Can duct tape really be used to lift a car in the air? Will duct tape keep your boat afloat? Can you make a boat completely out of duct tape?


Clean Car vs. Dirty Car

Does a dirty car get better gas mileage than a clean one? Why are dimples crucial to the flight of golf balls? Is the adage "Stick to beer you're in the clear; beer then liquor ever sicker" true?


Greased Lightning

What happens when you mix water, oil and fire? Can cheese be used as cannon fodder? Can a C-4 explosive be set off in a microwave?


Hurricane Windows

In a hurricane, would a house suffer less damage if the windows were left open? Can liquid nitrogen really shatter a head or explode a frozen tree?


Crash and Burn

Does a car always explode as it plunges off a cliff? Can a huge rocket launch a cage holding a human and would the person survive?


Myth Evolution 2


Grade Level: 6 - 12


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