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Discovery - MythBusters - Season 06 (VIDEO)


Discovery - MythBusters - Season 06


Follow the MythBusters in this 13-episode set as they debunk, decode and demystify some of the most popular urban myths and legends. Using modern-day science, they put each myth to the test, separating the real from the really out there.


Alaska Special

Adam and Jamie test the theory of cabin fever. Can a solitary stick of dynamite really sink a pickup parked on a frozen lake? The build team takes on the myth of car vs. moose.


Shark Week Special 2

Do dogs and injured "flapping" fish attract sharks? Will Robo-Shark eat Tory?


Exploding Steak

We test two myths suggested by the fans: alternate steak tenderizing methods and road rage.


NASA Moon Landing

Adam and Jamie investigate if the U.S. government shot the footage of the astronauts in a studio. The build team takes on claims that footage of


Viral Hour

Can a car be blasted 15 feet in the air with the water pressure from 10fire hoses? Can ordinary sawdust when airblasted through a flame explode into a catastrophic fireball? Do goats really faint?


Phone Book Friction

If you interweave the pages of two phone books, are they impossible to pull apart? Can the build team dispell five mini-myths from the movie Deep Blue Sea?


Water Stun Gun

Is an electronic stun gun mixed with water a possible weapon for crowd control? Can a fire extinguisher caught in a fire actually blow up? Is walking over hot coals just mind over matter?


Blind Driving

Is it really possible to drive a car completely blind? Do metal cleats on golf shoes really attract lightning. Can a huge underground explosion really cause a ball to drop from the lip into the hole?


Ninjas 2

Can an arrow be caught in midair? Is there really a punching technique that can floor an opponent with only a 1-inch lead in? Can an underwater blowpipe be stealthily used to fell an opponent?


Alcohol Myths

Is there such thing as "beer goggles"? Can running on a treadmill or slapping someone's face help to sober up a drunk person? Can an ancient medieval weapon really fire 200 arrows over 500 yards?


Motorcycle Flip

Can a flagpole in the front wheel of a motorcycle create a head-over-handlebars flip? Kari, Grant and Tory test whether or not it is possible to break out of jail using bed sheets, hair and toilet paper.


Coffin Punch

The team tests What is really bulletproof. Then, once buried alive inside a coffin is it possible to escape?


End With a Bang

Is it really true that you can’t polish dung? Is hitting the ground at speed really faster than a standing start? Then, Adam and Jamie test another classic - is it really best to end with a bang?


Grade Level: 6 - 12

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