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A set of 50 lessons in basic English expressions for the speakers of Polish. Level beginner. Contains audio files, explanatory notes, and tapescripts.


"A Phrase a Minute" to kurs angielskiego dla początkujących, w którym uczymy się pożytecznych słów i zwrotów, znakomicie przydających się na co dzień. W każdej lekcji nowa fraza - prosta i przydatna. A Phrase a Minute!


Lesson 1
What’s it made of? It’s made of wood

Lesson 2
How big is it?

Lesson 3
What shape is it?

Lesson 4
What colour is it?

Lesson 5
What is it used for? What are they used for?

Lesson 6
They’re smaller but they’re more beautiful

Lesson 7
It’s the richest and the most populated area in the country

Lesson 8
Coffee is grown in the west of the country

Lesson 9
What does it look like?

Lesson 10
It’s a soup, made with lamb and vegetables.

Lesson 11
Where shall we meet?

Lesson 12
How about tomorrow?

Lesson 13
Two o’clock’s fine

I can’t make Monday

Lesson 15
What about some other time?
How about some other time?

Lesson 16
Can you come to my office?

Lesson 17
We could meet at the beach

Lesson 18
Is that all right with you?
Is that OK with you?

Lesson 19
That sounds fine

Lesson 20
I’ll see you at one o’clock then

Lesson 21
I’m afraid I don’t understand

Lesson 22
Could you repeat that, please?
Could you say it again, please?

Lesson 23
What does this message mean?

Lesson 24
Could you write that down for me, please?

Lesson 25
Could you speak a little more slowly, please?

Lesson 26
Can you go over that again, please?

Lesson 27
I see. I’m with you. I’ve got you.

Lesson 28
How do you spell it, please?

Lesson 29
Pardon? Sorry?

Lesson 30
Is that it?
Is that right?
Is that correct?

Lesson 31
Do you have any children?
Have you got any children?

Lesson 32
I don’t like pop music
I like listening to classical music

Lesson 33
I get up at 6 o’clock

Lesson 34
What do you do?
I work in an office.

Lesson 35
It’s nice today, isn’t it

Lesson 36
Where were you born?

Lesson 37
How long have you been…?

Lesson 38
Have you been on holiday this year?

Lesson 39
Have you seen any good films recently?

Lesson 40
Which country do you come from?

Lesson 41
I’m looking for the exit

Lesson 42
Take the lift to the fifth floor

Lesson 43
Keep going straight on

Lesson 44
I’ll meet you in reception

Lesson 45
It’s the door straight ahead

Lesson 46
Where do you keep the bandages?

Lesson 47
Try the top shelf

Lesson 48
You’ll find them in the cupboard

Lesson 49
How do I switch it on?

Lesson 50
Look over there in the corner

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