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Outlines Of English Grammar


Outlines Of English Grammar
by C.P.Mason
(Rare Book Collection)

Of making many English grammars there is no end; nor should there be till theoretical scholarship and actual practice are more happily wedded. In this field much valuable work has already been accomplished; but it has been done largely by workers accustomed to take the scholar's point of view, and their writings are addressed rather to trained minds than to immature learners. To find an advanced grammar unencumbered with hard words, abstruse thoughts, and difficult principles, is not altogether an easy matter. These things enhance the difficulty which an ordinary youth experiences in grasping and assimilating the facts of grammar, and create a distaste for the study.

Historical Outline | Preliminary Definitions | The Alphabet | The English Orthographical System |
ETYMOLOGY | Classification of Words—Definitions | Inflexion | Nouns—Common and Proper | Gender of Nouns | Number—Singular and Plural | Case—Nominative, Possessive, Objective Declensions in Anglo-Saxon and in Chaucer Adjectives.—Classification of Adjectives | Inflexion of Adjectives | Inflexion of Adjectives in Anglo-Saxon and in Chaucer | Comparison of Adjectives | Articles | Pronouns.—Classification of Pronouns | Personal Pronouns | Ancient Forms | Demonstrative Pronouns | Ancient Forms | The Relative Pronoun that | The Interrogative and Relative Pronouns | Inflexion of Who—Ancient Forms | Indefinite Pronouns | Distributive Pronouns | Reflective and Possessive Pronouns : Verbs—Transitive and Intransitive | Auxiliary Verbs | Active Voice and Passive Voice | Moods | Gerunds and Participles | Tenses | Number and Person | Conjugation of Verbs - Strong and Weak Verbal Inflexions in Anglo-Saxon and in Chaucer Shall, Will, May, Must, Can, &c. The Verbs Have, Be, and Do | Ancient Forms | Conjugation of a Verb at full length | Adverbs | Prepositions | Conjunctions | Interjections | COMPOSITION AND DERIVATION OF WORDS SYNTAX | Sentence—Subject—Predicate Relations of Words to one another | Subject and Predicate | Object | Complex Sentences | Summary of the Rules of Syntax | ANALYSIS OF SENTENCES | APPENDIX—Constituents of English

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