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The 11th Element: The Key to Unlocking Your Master Blueprint for Wealth and Success (Audiobook)


6 Compact Discs/Bonus CD/2 Special Reports Take control of the invisible, little-known force that shapes your success Your wealth, career, and achievements are all shaped by a powerful set of unseen, rarely discussed forces known as the "11th Element." Many of the richest people in the world have quietly used the 11th Element to unleash an avalanche of prosperity and potential in their lives. As they've discovered, this mysterious and potent force is the key to finding lucrative business and investment opportunities sending the sales, profits, and value of any business soaring eliminating debt and building long-term wealth ... developing new products, services, and ideas starting your own business dramatically increasing your productivity and achieving everything else you have been dreaming of and working towards!

Why call it “The 11th Element?” Because many success and wealth-building systems have been created and offered over the years, and most of them discuss or center around some combination of ten elements the authors claim are necessary for creating total success.
These ten elements—such as goal setting, visualization, persistence, and so on—are certainly important. But they’re all missing the one “ingredient” that’s absolutely essential for the creation of business success and wealth—an element that, when managed correctly, gives you the proven “solution-finding system” you need to succeed.

They’re all missing The 11th Element that my grandfather introduced to me.

Unfortunately, my grandfather died before he could complete my 11th Element education. I applied what I learned from him in the years that followed and became a millionaire by the time I was 31.

Then I had a seven-year bout with “Murphy’s Law,” where I lost everything and actually went $153,000 into debt. I didn’t understand what was happening to me, and I became very confused and angry. And I wasn’t able to go to my grandfather and say, “What didn’t you tell me?” or “What am I missing?” or “What else do I need to know here?”

I was on my own.

Through those extremely stressful seven years, and by applying the core strategies my grandfather taught me, I was able to piece together the other parts of the system he didn’t have time to teach me. I developed the complete system I use now, and I applied it to dig myself out of my financial “hole,” rebuild my career and finances, soar much higher than I had in my first 31 years, and improve my quality of life in the process.

Now it’s your turn to find out what I originally discovered in that Swiss cafe, the missing pieces I collected during the years I spent with “Murphy,” and the numerous refinements I’ve added to the system by working with it on my own projects, and with clients, associates, and customers.

Let me begin your education by asking you a few questions. Have you ever wondered how some people come up with one winning business idea or venture after another? Or wondered how you really did it if you’ve already done it yourself?

Have you ever wondered how some people always seem to be “in the right place at the right time” to produce amazing results, say “just the right thing” to close the sale, or always find a way to “get the job done,” no matter what obstacles they encounter? Some people seem to lead “charmed lives” and have a “knack” for unusual success.

Have you ever imagined the kind of wealth and business success you could create if you only had the right idea, the right plan, access to the right people, the right skills, the right funding and resources, or used the right system?

I’m sure you’ve pondered such questions more than once. You’re about to discover the untold story and the true cause of what’s usually referred to as “luck,” “good fortune,” “synchronicity,” or “being in the right place at the right time”—and a system you can quickly and easily apply to:

* Start a business

* Build an existing business

* Attract and keep top talent

* Increase your sales, profits, income, and wealth

* Overcome the inevitable challenges you’ll encounter along the way

* And much more

The system for tapping into The 11th Element involves mastering four critical skills:

1. Shifting your mindset so you can access The 11th Element and tap into its power

2. Getting clear on what you really want (versus what you think you want)

3. Tapping into The 11th Element to ask for help to produce the results you really want

4. Receiving the help you requested (it’s not always as easy as you’d think)

This book reveals how to master and apply these four critical skills, and it illustrates how my grandfather and I, and many other entrepreneurs applied The 11th Element to become wealthy and create lifestyles most people only dream about.

I’ve used The 11th Element myself to become a multi-millionaire, make selected clients multi-millionaires, and generate millions of dollars in highly profitable sales (on and off the Internet) across multiple industries including telecommunications, software, computer hardware, information technology, personal growth, business development, direct marketing, and healthcare.

I’ve never been interested in the complexity of a Fortune 500 company, but in the early days of my career, I tapped into The 11th Element to become a top salesperson for a computer reseller, and I produced extraordinary results as a Sales Manager, Corporate Communications Manager, Regional Manager, Director of Marketing, Vice President of Marketing, consultant, and entrepreneur.

In more recent phases of my career, I applied The 11th Element to:

Create and execute a marketing model that packed rooms at Tony Robbins’ multimedia seminars

Fuel the growth of a computer store franchise company called Connecting Point of America from $90 million to $350 million in very profitable less than three years

Build and run the “marketing machine” that rocketed Blue Ocean Software from $1.27 million to $44.3 million in just four years, resulting in the company being named three times to Inc. Magazine’s “Inc. 500” list. That tremendous growth, accompanied by staggering profitability, led to Blue Ocean being acquired by software giant Intuit for $177 million in September 2002.

You’ll also discover dozens of examples that illustrate how my clients and associates applied The 11th Element to start businesses, build businesses, grow their incomes and net worths, create new careers, write best-selling books, help others create successful businesses, and more.

Thousands of entrepreneurs, managers, executives, network marketers, and individuals worldwide have applied The 11th Element to produce extraordinary results, in less time, with less effort, and a lot more fun—across virtually every industry and niche. For example, by applying the The 11th Element system:

Gary Clark went from being a truck driver to a computer programmer to the CEO of his own company generating sales of $52 million a year.

Ralf Backstrom launched a successful public relations company in Sweden.

Bill Harris built his Centerpointe Research Institute business from $12,000 in annual sales to $4.6 million in annual sales.

Valecia Royer quit a job that was damaging her home life and launched a home-based accounting business that provides her with a strong and steady income, and allows her to spend all the time she wants with her family.

Bob Serling started a software company from scratch and sold it just 17 months later for $6.2 million—in the middle of a recession!

Randy Gage went from a dishwasher in a pancake house to a multi-millionaire.

This course also reveals how The 11th Element shaped such international success stories as:

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