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Write For Englishtips!

Write for us

  • Are you an English teacher or learner with some nice tips to share? 
  • Do you want a place to talk about your best lessons? 
  • Are you interested in helping thousands of other teachers to improve their teaching skills? 
If so, we’d love to feature one or more of your teaching tips here at Englishtips.
If we publish your article, you'll get a bonus of "+50" to your karma level and a HUGE exposure to the large Englishtips community!

What are we looking for?

  • We accept articles and tutorials for English teachers and learners. 
  • We are looking for articles on everything and anything related to learning and teaching English (including learning or teaching strategies, coursebook selection, level testing tips, classroom discipline, etc). 
  • We’d love your article to be a minimum of 600 words long. 
We'll give you a 'Author's Bio' short information section after your article (you can send us your photo, we'll add it as well!) and include a link back to your website or blog in return for your article or tutorial.

What we want from you:

  • Great Writing!
    Of course, the editor will work on your piece and fix all those typos to make it perfect, but make sure you send it to us in a good shape to start with: we will not publish articles written in 'bad' English. 
  • Web writing!
    Use bulleted lists, subheadings, and quotes to break up text. Keep paragraphs short — not too short, but short enough to be digestible on the screen. Use active voice and simple language. 
  • Practical writing!
    Give our readers advice that they can put to use in the real world. 
Submissions need to be only original content that has not (and will not) been published elsewhere else online, and you need to be willing for us to use them on indefinitely.

How to Submit an Article

  • Email it to us – submit your tips or articles via email ( with 'Englishtips Article' as a Subject. This is the best option if you’re wanting to do a longer more in depth tutorial – just email us with the idea for the article and we’ll be in touch as to whether we think we can use it or not on the website.

    or (preferably) 
  • Upload it using our 'Add New Publication' page - make sure you select the 'Articles' category and use Arial font (size 4)

Important facts:

  • We may or may not publish your article. If it’s not accepted, it remains your property. You may not receive a response if your piece is rejected. 
  • The article must be your original work and it must not be published anywhere else. 
  •  The editor will edit your article. If you don’t feel comfortable with changes being made to your piece, do not submit.
  • If it’s clear you haven’t read the information above, your piece probably won’t be accepted. 
Please note: While we would love to use everyone’s submissions, however we cannot guarantee to do so because we want to keep the quality high. If you’re unsure on whether your article will be suitable for the site and want to check first, please contact us with the idea or even the first paragraph or two and we’ll let you know if we think we can use it.

Good luck!