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A Year of Fighting with Dead Links


Hello everyone.

It is almost a year since we got troubles with the links. We have asked everyone to help the site, but...

We would like to announce 4 news

1) all users with zero mirror will have a limit for download from tomorrow.

2) all users who download but do not thanks the uploaders by rating or leaving a nice comment will have a limit too from tomorrow

3) Next weeks the site will be off until we reupload all files

We know, it is not the best solution, but just think about your way you use the site...


4)  Happy Fool's Day  We hate any limitations, but




Russians say " В каждой шутке есть доля истины " That means in every joke there is a piece of truth. We tried to let you think a bit ....

Someone has no time, there is not enough speedy connection for another one. We wonder how you use the MIRRORS BOX if you do not know what the mirror is. There are some users who have no ideas where HELP SECTION is. There are always possibilties to find excuses ....


Allow us to quote the comment we completely agree with


I do believe that where there is a will there is a way. I can't help with money and it's not my fault, but I can provide a mirror and thank a person who uploaded something for me. There is no way I could have found so many free books just one click away, why shouldn't I sacrifice some of my time to keep my favourite site alive, it is so sad when an interesting book has dead links, and they die so quickly.

  • If we have connection to download, we will have connection to upload.
  • If we have time to find what the password is, we can also find the information on how to provide a mirror.
  • If we have time to write a comment "No working links", certainly we can write a thank you note to a wonderful contributor.

(by hgr1972)


So be grateful to the people who share the material. They spend their time, money, traffic . Use karma, rating, comments to say thanks to them. They do deserve a minute of your time.

Provide a mirror if you see the only one working link in the post. Be active to keep the site running.

Enjoy ET.